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Best Foot Care Hospital In India

Madurai Foot Care Centre is a one stop destination for diabetic patients for foot care. The vision of the clinic is to provide the best treatment to heal reccurrent ulcerations and amputations in diabetic patients. From foot ulcers to neuropathy a wide range of treatments are provided here for diabetic patients. The team headed by Dr Saravana Kumar are committed to helping patients to lead a happy life without any worries of foot complications.

About Madurai Footcare Centre | Foot Hospital Tamil nadu

Madurai Diabetic Foot Care Center is one of the best Foot Hospital in India with fully equipped facilities for early detection and diagnosis of foot complications.

Diabetic Foot Care Clinic Tamil Nadu | Madurai Footcare Centre

Diabetic patients must give extra care for their foot. Diabetes can cause a lack of blood supply to the foot or can damage the nerves to the foot. The team of professionals and expert podiatrist at Madurai Foot Care Centre are specialized in diabetic foot care and provides the best diagnosis and treatment plan to overcome it.

Diabetic Wound Care Treatment | Foot Health Madurai

Wound of a diabetic patient takes longer to heal and has a higher chance of getting infection. So special care has to be taken for their wounds. At Madurai Foot Care Centre we will provide the best treatment and care for diabetic wounds.

Chronic Paronychia Treatment | Acute Paronychia Causes | Madurai

The irritation in the folds of the tissues encompassing the nails of the toe or finger. Madurai Foot Care Centre provides proper diagnosis and treatment plan for paronychia whether its acute or chronic!

Toenail Fungus Remedies | Fungal Nails Treatment in Tamil Nadu

Fungal infection on the nail leads to fungal nails! Toenails are more prone to nail infections. If left untreated it can lead to thickening, discoloration and distortion of the nail. You can get the most effective treatment for fungal nail from Madurai Foot Care Centre.The expert podiatric surgeon here will get you the best and methodical treatment for fungal nails.

Corn on Foot Symptoms, Causes and Treatment | Madurai Footcare

Foot corns are the solidified layers of the skin that create when your skin endeavors to secure against weight and grating. They often formed under the feet and toes. The expert podiatrist at Madurai Foot Care Centre will provide specialized treatment for foot corn and will provide the right foot wear to prevent it.

Foot Callus Symptoms, Causes and Treatments | Madurai Footcare Centre

Callus is the thickened layer on the skin that develops due to the pressure build up under the foot. Callus protects the foot. Callus is caused due to the increased friction and pressure on the sole. Callus removal is inevitable as it may hide or worsen the inflammation underneath the skin. For effective and immediate removal of callus visit Madurai Foot Care Centre.

Cellulitis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment in Madurai

Cellulitis is the diabetic foot contamination of the skin and subcutaneous fat layer. They are ordered into gentle, moderate and serious dependent on the signs and indications of nearby irritation. Get the best treatment for Cellulitis from Madurai Foot Care Centre.

Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery | Madurai Footcare Centre

In Madurai Foot Care Centre, Diabetic foot reconstruction medical procedure redresses the harm caused to the foot by neuropathy or post charcot illness. The expert podiatric surgeons here are specialized in all types of surgeries especially diabetic foot reconstruction surgery.

Foot Ulcer Surgery Tamilnadu | Foot Ulcer Specialist in India - Madurai Foot Care

Madurai Foot Care in Tamilnadu which is one of the best foot hospital provides regular checkups, early diagnosis and self-care for foot ulcer surgery.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Removal and Surgery at Madurai Foot Care Tamilnadu

An ingrown toenail can lead to foot ulcers and chronic wounds If ignored. Consult our podiatrist to know more on causes, diagnosis and treatments.

Charcot Specialist Madurai | Charcot Foot Treatment Tamilnadu - Madurai Foot Care

Charcot foot is a condition causing weakening of the bones in the foot. To know more on causes, diagnosis and treatments. visit Madurai Foot Care Centre.

Diabetic Foot Neuropathy - Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment | Madurai Foot Care Tamilnadu

Diabetic foot neuropathy is the harm to your fringe nerves that proclaims all foot complications. To know more on symptoms, diagnosis and treatments visit Madurai Foot Care Centre.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment in Madurai | Blockage in Legs Tamilnadu

Peripheral Arterial is a vascular disease which affects the arteries. Get specialized treatments from experts in this field from Madurai Foot Care Centre.

Madurai Foot Care Centre (@CareMadurai) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Madurai Foot Care Centre (@CareMadurai). The Madurai Foot Care Centre for Diabetes was developed to reduce the burden of foot disease in people with diabetes through state-of-the-art treatment

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Take Care Of Your Diabetic Foot

Take Care Of Your Diabetic Foot

Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet. Even a small cut can produce serious consequences.

Here we are giving you some of the tips to protect your foot when you have diabetes

  • Check the feet regularly for redness, swelling and other symptoms
  • Wash your feet daily and dry well between the toes
  • If you have a dry skin problem, moisturize your feet and heels
Diabetic foot ulcer surgery - Testimonial.

We have done several treatments to cure diabetic foot.. Also we are excellent at diabetic foot ulcer surgery and other related ailments .

Diabetic foot pain - Testimonial

We provide treatment for diabetic foot pain and other diabetic foot ailments. visit our facility and get treated . Madurai foot care center.