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9 Ways for Online Businesses to Improve Customer Experience

Creating a winning customer experience can make for a significant competitive advantage for businesses. On the other hand, providing an inferior one can tarnish chances for your company for good. According to a study by Gartner, 81% of businesses expect to create a competitive advantage based on customer experience.

9 Fail-safe Ways for Businesses to Improve Customer Experience - Shufti Pro

Businesses are fighting to keep their edge by building a reliable customer experience. Shufti Pro’s business verification enables them to do just that.


Take Time to Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first step towards providing the best product or service in the market. Take time to understand your customer – their perceptions, motivations, preferences and concerns. It can give you an in-depth idea about what your customer wants and help you to create a product centred around their needs. This can be done by interviewing sales and customer service teams and inquire about what concerns customers the most about their services. Market surveys and focus group studies can be a lot of help as well.


Develop Customer Experience by Working Backwards

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs upheld the fact that companies should focus on working backwards from customer experience to the development of technology. The first step in initiating this is to list down every stage of the CX and where the customer is most likely to be impressed. Each of these should be worked on individually to create a better CX, as well as pushing the company’s USPs in the process. The next focus should be for businesses to resolve genuine issues faced by customers in using their products or service. Companies must continue to tweak their service offerings in order to increase satisfaction.


Increase Personalisation for Customers

In the day and age of online businesses, the importance of personalisation has increased tenfolds. Customers now expect their services to be customised. Companies that make an effort to provide customised products and services are more likely to develop a better overall CX. Increased personalisation gives a sense of ownership to customers about their services and gives them a feeling of being valued by the company.


Implementing Automated Business Verification

Companies, particularly online businesses, frequently become victims of internet frauds including identity theft and credit card fraud. This causes businesses to face chargebacks and fines, resulting in losing revenues. Not to mention, the reputational damage caused by not implementing with proper customer verification procedures. However, with a business verification service like Shufti Pro, businesses can automate their KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedures. Implementing digital ID verification can not only ensure a smoother onboarding or transaction process for customers but can also improve the accuracy of the process. Businesses can choose to either verify their customers through identity verification or phone verification, depending on their requirements. Through an automated system for fraud protection, companies are able to provide a seamless CX for customers. Instant identity verification also reduces hassles for customers to avoid long authentication processes.


Appreciate Your Customers

While a lot of companies have ways to identify repeat customers, not all of them make use of such information to enhance their CX. Simple appreciation e-mails or personal messages often suffice in such cases. Simple thank you e-mails for returning again to the store can go a long way to make customers feel special. For a business looking to go the extra mile, sending discount offers, coupons and vouchers can be a great marketing tool for enhancing the client experience. More loyal customers should be made part of special programs that allow them to access amenities and discounts that other customers don’t get.