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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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10 Cool Things to Do in Colombo – Experience the Excitement of a Lively City

Colombo has it all; history, beauty, beaches and lots of entertainments. Experiencing all facets of Colombo is an important part of enjoying this city. Below are 10 things you should do here.


Experience Fun in the Water

The warm sparkling blue waters bordering beaches in Colombo and the suburbs by the coast are ever inviting for they can be enjoyed any day of the year. Swim, play, relax; there is plenty you can do here!


Mingle With Elephants

Elephants may look mighty and imposing, but in truth, they are gentle giants. In Colombo, you get a good collection of local elephants at the Dehiwala Zoo. This is a great spot to observe elephants and learning a little something about them.


Try the Isso Vade at Galle Face

This is without a doubt Sri Lanka's favourite local snack. Three prawns on a crisp gram flour pancake, it is that simple. Foodie or not, trying the Isso Vade is a must do when here. Head over to Galle Face, a popular public space by the ocean where you will find many stalls selling this delectable delight.


Explore the Outskirts of the City

If you think the excitement of Colombo is limited to within its boundaries you are mistaken, for the outskirts are just as interesting. Places like Dehiwala (home to beach areas and plenty of shopping options) and Wattala have a whole host of interesting places to see and things to do.


Visit the National Museum

Are you a history buff? Visit the glorious National Museum of Colombo and journey back time. Learn of the stories, culture and traditions that have contributed to making this island what it is today.


Cycle at Independence Square

Colombo is one city that caters to fitness enthusiasts. There is a versatile track at the public space known as Independence Square where you can run, walk or cycle day or night. In addition to all the health benefits, this is a lot of fun. If you are wondering where to stay in Colombo to enjoy regular fitness routines at Independence Square consider options like Cinnamon Red Colombo.


Have Breakfast at Mount Lavinia Beach

Grab your mat, pack your snacks and have a picnic breakfast at Mount Lavinia Beach. The roaring waves combined with the soft sand offer the perfect kick start to any day!


Have Ice Cream at Midnight

Ice cream is a perennial favourite in Sri Lanka and if you want to savour your most-loved flavours at midnight head over to Carnival; Sri Lanka's favourite night time ice cream parlour.


Try Kottu

If you have not had Kottu Roti or Kottu you have not tasted Sri Lanka's favourite quick fix meal and street food. Available in every nook and corner of the city, Kottu works perfectly as a snack or a meal.


Explore the City on a Tuk Tuk

This three-wheeled vehicle offers a different take to sightseeing altogether. Hop onto a tuk tuk (make sure it has a working meter) and explore all your favourite places in Colombo. The best part is your journey will be just as interesting as your stops!

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