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Headline for Eye Problems in Kids – Causes and Treatment - How to take care of your child's eyes?
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Eye Problems in Kids – Causes and Treatment - How to take care of your child's eyes?

Eye problems in young children are quite common. Here is the list of the common eye problems children often get afflicted with.



This condition arises due to a cornea that is not properly shaped. If your child has Astigmatism, then he or she might not be able to see things clearly and images may appear blurred. For the blurred vision, one must opt for glasses. If you're are looking for opticians in Sri Lanka for your child, you can check out places like Vision Care Optical Services, for a good experience.



Strabismus is often known to the general public to be 'crossed eyes'. If a child suffers from this condition, the eyes will be misaligned where one will be turned up, down, in or out. The condition can affect one eye or both the eyes. This is mostly a genetic condition. Having said that, Strabismus can also arise due to a muscle undergoing trauma. The condition cannot be fixed by its own, and one might have to opt for eye-patching or surgery to correct it.



Myopia is often referred to as short-sightedness where a child has a refractive problem in the eyes. Here also, the child is unable to see things clearly and vision appears blurry. This condition is also genetic in nature. You can correct vision by using a pair of prescriptive lenses. Having said that, you also need to keep changing the lenses if the condition keeps progressing.



The opposite condition of myopia will be hyperopia relating to long-sightedness. Here, the opposite happens when the child can see things clearly if the object is kept at a considerable distance. However, objects placed close by will be blurry. Again, the doctors might prescribe a pair of prescriptive lens that will be able to focus the image more accurately onto the retina.



Cataract is another common condition that can affect children. Here, the child's lens which has to be clear in normal condition appears to be clouded. Therefore, cataracts have the ability to cause obstructions to the incoming light, which ultimately leads to problems in vision. In severe cases, one may require getting surgery to replace the clouded lenses with intraocular lenses.



Conjunctivitis is commonly known as pink eye affects the conjunctiva, where it appears red and inflamed. The conjunctiva is a thin membrane of mucus which covers the white parts of your eye. This condition is quite common among schooling children as the condition is contagious which can be caused by either a virus or bacteria. Doctors often prescribe an antibiotic eye drop to take control of the spreading of the infection.



Amblyopia is known as lazy eyes, where the child has one eye developed poorly, although it can look quite normal. Therefore, the lazy eye tends to function less, and the brain will eventually turn off all signals. One might have to wear eye patches or special glasses, as part of their treatment.

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