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Best Foods to Try In Johor Bahru - Explore Unique and Sensational Flavours

The capital of the Malaysian state of Johor, Johor Bahru, has many things to amuse its visitors, including its delectable cuisine. Here are some tasty delicacies to try out while you're there.


Roti Canai

What's not to love about roti canai? It's super cheap, filling and delicious! This is the go-to breakfast of every Malaysian, and will appear on the breakfast menus of any one of the Johor Bahru restaurants be it a hawker food stall along the streets or a high-end establishment like the ones at the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel - you won't miss it! Roti canai is a flatbread that is inspired by Indian cuisine and becomes a daily breakfast staple in Johor Bahru and all across Malaysia. The dough is stretched and flipped into the perfect thickness and the round shape and cooked atop a flat girdle until both sides are golden brown and crispy. The inside is chewy and soft. Roti canai is served alongside a range of curries from dhal to fish and chicken.


Hainanese Cuisine

Derived from the Hainan Province in China, Hainanese Cuisine is popular across Malaysia including Johor Bahru. In this cuisine, food is less oily, lighter and the seasoning is milder unlike the cuisine of the Chinese mainland. Hainanese cuisine features a lot of seafood dishes such as those made from crab, shrimp, and freshwater and ocean fish. Some of the most famous dishes of Hainanese cuisine that you can try out when in Johor Bahru are the baozi, mantou and congee.


Kway Teow Soup

This is a soup of many bold and aromatic flavours. The soup is a favourite dish in Johor Bahru and you can get one for about RM16.00. There are a variety of ingredients used to make the soup and some of these include sea bass, prawns, fish ball, pork, fish maw, abalone slices kidney, and liver.


Herbal Tea

Get yourself a good cuppa of herbal tea when in Johor Bahru to kick start the day. A cup would cost about RM1.00, and you can request it can be made either bitter or sweet depending on your taste. May go for the sweeter version of it that's made using chrysanthemum flowers and other herbs. One of the best places to try out a cup of this when in Johor Bahru would be at the Jalan Dhoby.


Coconut Wine

If tea is not your thing and you need a stronger beverage, try some coconut wine or toddy. Toddy is made using the fermented juice of a coconut palm and its alcoholic percentage ranges from two to ten per cent. A mug of toddy would usually cost about RM3.00. It tastes a lot like barley water and you'll experience the kick after a while of consuming. Toddy is said to have the medicinal property of relieving colds.


Chicken Chops

If you're craving for some good old KFC, try the Malaysian version of it. Grilled chicken chops in Johor Bahru would cost about RM14.00 and would feature a selection of chicken chops like thigh; grilled or deep fried and swathed in a generous drizzle of mushroom or pepper sauce.

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