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Top 5 Must-Visit Attractions in Ubud - Eye-catching Balinese sights

Ubud is located close to Bali's middle highland. It has been named a paradise filled with precious historical and cultural attractions from majestic palaces to leafy slopes.


Elephant cave

An 11th century-old site, this is a place of spirituality and meditation. The name Goa Gajah has led people to mistakenly believe that the cave is full of elephants. Some believe it stems from the former name of the Petanu River- River Gajah while others say the images of the elephant-head lord Ganesh are as much a symbol as any. The "elephant cave" is actually a historical archaeology spot on the western side of the Bedulu village. Ancient relics cover the courtyard. Visitors can also observe the intricate carvings upon the cave walls, meditate in the central cave and take a refreshing bath in surrounding pools and cascades.


Monkey Forest

Holidaymakers must pay a visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest. This is amongst the most famous holiday sites in all of Ubud. It is a natural jungle haven where crowds of macaques live, cheekily swinging their long grey tails behind them. It is fortunate that this wonderful forest area has been maintained well thanks to community efforts. It also has a very useful location close to the Ubud Towncentre and many a Ubud hotel. The main highlight of a forest visit is the chance to glimpse monkeys in their natural habitat. They might be feasting on a sheaf of bananas, swinging from tree branches or simply relaxing on the forest floor. Visitors are often enchanted by these mischievous yet charming creatures. There is also much else to see and do such as taking walks along the forest paths in the cool atmosphere and paying respects or appreciating the ancient temples within the forest.


Rice Terraces

Bali's traditional irrigation system (subak) makes sure that the beautiful Tegallalang Rice Terraces remain the magnificent landscapes they are. According to history, the terraces have been passed down from a respected religious figure in the eighth century. Tellalagang is one of three spectacular terraced landscapes in Ubud. Wonderful sightseeing spots here make it possible to look out into the distance where the rice paddies spread out before you along the valley's sloping sides. You can enjoy the cool winds from atop the terraces where many like to stop and take photographs of the incredible scenes above and beyond the rice paddies. Several artists have been known to come here for the scenery and tranquil atmosphere and frequent the various art shops and cafes near the valley edge.


Royal Palace

Situated in close range with Balinese holiday retreats owned by brands the likes of - Alila Hotels & Resorts, the palace is alternatively known as Puri Saren Agung. The Ubud Royal Palace is considered an important spot in the town area. It has been treated as Ubud's principal landmark, dating back to the time of late Lord Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel with his heirs having taken care of the palace quite well. Visitors often schedule a trip to the Puri Saren palace on their Ubud itinerary list.


Renaissance Museum

Don Antonio Blanco was a great talent born in the land of the Philippines. His house and studio lie here at the Blanco Renaissance Museum. The museum is located on top of a hill with a grand view of the green valley of Campuhan beneath it. Paintings, collages and illustrated poetry hang here, not to mention prints of nude Balinese women for which Blanco was famous for.