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7 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work - For a better work life!

If you're looking for ways to increase productivity at work, then here's a list of tips you need to look at to implement in your life.


Working for 90 minutes

What does this mean? Well, some researchers from Florida State University have found that people working for ninety minutes generally tend to perform better than those who exceed the time. This is also seen among athletes and musicians. Well, an average football game only takes ninety minutes, doesn't it? So, get into the habit of working for ninety minutes and taking a break. This will enhance your productivity at work.


Tracking the time you need to complete tasks

Timing is everything. To increase productivity means you will have to spend less time on certain tasks. Wasting time while you work on a task, decreases productivity. Research also has revealed that only about seventeen per cent of workers can actually estimate the time they spend. Therefore, you can invest in time & attendance management systems to help you manage time. For instance, the software provided by companies the likes of Orange HRM can be looked into for a good experience.


Don't multitask

Multitasking can be one of the key skills to be efficient. However, the opposite also can be true in some cases. Psychologists have proved that doing many different tasks at a given time, can lead to less efficiency and loss of time.



Working at a stretch will tire you out. To be more productive you need to take breaks regularly, to get you rested and ready to pounce into action. Besides, breaks that are scheduled will also help you concentrate more. Short periods of a break while working on tedious long tasks, can actually enhance performance.


Setting two-minute rules

What is this? Well, this is a new trend that was set by Steve Olenski, an entrepreneur. He says that by setting this two-minute rule, you will find that it gets your more efficient and productive. The two-minute rule suggests that, if a task only takes under two minutes to complete, you have to do it immediately. Once you get into this pattern of doing this, you will find that work life is less stressful as you don't have to attend to daunting amounts of work later.


Make it a habit to decline meetings

Not all meetings, just the ones you can afford to avoid. Meetings are generally the biggest 'time eaters' in a day. If you're about to hold a meeting, just take a few minutes to think if you can commute these thoughts via email or phone calls. If you can, then say no to meetings.



You can always make use of your commute. Before you indulge in a game like fruit ninja or candy crush on your phone, take this time to set a plan for your day, create to-do lists and send emails. If you have a long commute to work, then more time you have to set the day ahead of you. This will get you planned and ready for action.

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