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Must Try Food in Jeju Island -For the ultimate food lovers!

So uth Korea's biggest island, Jeju Island, attracts many tourists from all around the globe. One of the reasons being its authentic food scene. Here is a list of the must-try foodstuff in Jeju island.


Grilled Sea Bream

South Korea is popular for its great seafood dishes and Jeju Island is no exception. A seafood dish that you have to definitely try is Sea Bream. This is, in fact, considered as a luxury seafood dish and with good reason. During the yesteryears, this dish was only served to the king as the fish is very hard to catch. It lives in the depths of the deep blue sea. With great improvements in the fishing industry, catching the Sea Bream isn't as difficult as before. This dish is one of the specials on the island which also served with porridge or grilled.



Abalone is a dish that you must try when in Jeju Island. This is one of the most amazing places to try the dishes as it offers incredible seafood dishes, although this might be one of the priciest dishes on the list. However, the taste is well worth it. You can try the grilled or the porridge version of this dish. Both are amazing! Besides, If you are looking for Jeju island accommodation, then there are some good places to check out. For instance, properties the likes of Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World offer a comfortable experience and have offers you can check out as well.



We went through a couple of seafood dishes and soup, how about some meat? Then Jeju Island specialises in Pheasants. These birds are abundant on the island. That would explain why some dishes use pheasants as its primary ingredient. These birds are caught during the months of winter. There are a number of variations to the dish and you can select from Pheasant dumpling soup to Pheasant hot pot.


Gulfweed Soup

How about a bowl of soup when on the island? One of the traditional dishes in Jeju Island is the Gulfweed Soup. This soup is prepared by utilising seaweed and meat broth. These two components are boiled for many hours until it has a thick consistency. The taste is just sublime. This might be one of the dishes that would be a little difficult to find. Take it on as a challenge and be on your hunt for the soup. The hunt is well worth it!



For some of the best fruits on the island, one definitely has to get themselves a basket of tangerines. Due to the warm climate here, Jeju Island serves as the primary producer of all fruits of the citrus kind. More than 500 varieties of fruits grow on the island, out of the which the tangerine is the most popular. The fruits are harvested generally between the months of November and February. Besides, you can indulge in fruit picking during seasonal times. You get to choose your own juicy fruit and bite into its succulent flesh.

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