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Wuxi Top Attractions - Culture and history defined

Wuxi is a culturally rich place with plenty of attractions for the history buff in you. They make for great lazy vacation days that also give you immense knowledge on the history that defines China.


Yixing Ceramics Museum

If you are a lover of finer things in life, this museum will be a good break from your city accommodation in Wuxi and your plans for sleeping late in one of them. You can view and learn about all types of ceramics ware at this museum, and sound like a pro when you get back home.


Wuxi Museum

The collections and exhibits in this museum can be traced back to 6,000 years and the major attraction of this museum is their collection of cannons from the Qing dynasty. The building is in the middle of the city and is easily accessible if you are staying at a place like Somerset Harmony City Wuxi.


Museum of Chinese National Music

Home to everything you need to know about the revolution of the music industry in ancient and modern China, this will be a fun trip for anyone. From traditional Zen musical instruments to the modern pianos and drums, this building is a musician's dream come true. You can spend a leisurely day roaming around the building and taking a walk back to the past when auto tunes didn't exist, and the music was played on aesthetic instruments and not on electronic devices.


China Clay Figure Museum

An eerie place to be in, this museum will give you the chills if lifelike figurines and dolls creep you out even in the brightest daylight. Clay figurines have a prominent place in the history and culture of Wuxi as it is the most popular kind of folk craft there.


Waxi Shuaiyuan Purple Sands Teapot Museum

If there was a museum built for people with eccentric tastes, then this must be it. Built by Li Shuaiyuan who was a lover of the purple sand teapots, this museum houses more than 1000 teapots made of purple sand. Most of these teapots were made during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and some of them come from the modern-day period of the Republic of China.


Jiangyin Military and Cultural Museum

This museum has artworks, performances and interactive displays that showcase history through war. Some of China's oldest medical instruments that date back to 1410BC, a skeleton that just turned 5,000 years old and plenty of charms used by witches of bygone eras make this one of the most interesting museums in Wuxi. Some of the sections in the building are dedicated to Xu Xiake, a person who is considered a hero among the locals.


Wuxi Ancient Kiln Cluster Museum

Located on Dayao Road, this museum showcases the history and evolution of bricks and tiles in Wuxi. A huge sand table in the middle of the hall displays wall bricks, square bricks and tomb bricks from every Chinese era imaginable. This museum is also the first place to focus on the history of brick and tiles in all of China.