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05 Reasons to Plan a Family Trip to Maldives – More than a Place for Romance

The beautiful Maldivian archipelago has always been stereotyped as a place for couples and romance; but the place is also a fabulous destination for a family holiday, with activities for everyone to enjoy. Read on to learn more about what the Maldives offers the family holidaymakers.


For Starters – Savour the Adventure of Getting to the Maldives!

The entire family will love the journey, yes, it may be a long-haul flight, but once you land in Male the capital island, you are treated to sights of the endless sea dotted with little islets. Getting to your resort will most likely be via seaplane, a service offered by Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives and other Maldives luxury resorts. If you find your family is uncomfortable with the ride in the small seaplane, then speak to your travel agent and arrange alternative transportation, such as speedboat rides or taking the local ferry travelling close to most Maldives island resorts.


Relish Spending Time with Mother Nature

The Maldives boasts some of the world's most beautiful settings; stunning powder soft white sand beaches, skirting crystal clear azure blue seas. Idyllic coconut palms sway in the wind, while lush interior jungles on the uninhabited islands are a treat to explore. The marine life, is of course, utterly stunning while the verdant world below the waves made up of coral gardens and flourishing underwater thilas amongst which all types of fish dart are more than a treat to savour!


Snorkel as a Family

Snorkelling is a no fussy water sport which the entire family can enjoy. In the Maldives, all you do is swim out to the nearest reef from the beach of your Maldives resort. The only equipment needed is fins, snorkel and mask, and anyone, regardless of age, capable of swimming, can take on a snorkelling tour in the Maldives. The coral reefs are teeming with marine life, and the waters so clear, that in some places you are offered views to depths of 30 metres. A simple snorkelling tour with your family in the Maldives, will treat you to sights of a lazy turtle swimming by, a friendly dolphin who may swim up to say 'hi' and colourful coral swaying in the current; the perfect elixir to keep kids utterly fascinated and adults in awe of nature's best creations.


Enjoy a Non-Crowded Atmosphere

The Maldives, unlike other beach resorts, is not crowded, the private island resorts, are cut off from the hustle and bustle of daily life, with some adopting a no-footwear or 'no news of the world' rule to ensure you are well immersed in nature. Kids will love the tranquillity and the expansive beaches, which seem to belong to just them, while most importantly there are no cars allowed on the islands, so, enjoy the fresh air!


The Villas in the Maldives are your Private World in Paradise

The luxury Maldives villas, located overlooking the water is perfect for feeling you own a slice of paradise. You have your own stretch of beach and in-house pool to enjoy. Kids can jump off the terrace straight into the ocean while you can sit on your private deck and enjoy a sunset as a family and no-one else around; ready to start packing?