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Updated by Faizan Raza on May 27, 2019
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5 Emerging Trends for The Future of Software Development

Among the numerous fields that exist in the world today, some trends tend to standout and create a surge where they operate.


1. Future of Software Development

One of the many trends in the numerous fields that stands out among all others is the one that prevails in software development pertaining to its growth. Software development has always been one of the fastest growing field in the world. In economies that revolve around software development, it has often been observed that the growth rate of software development far outstrips that of the entire economy. For instance, in the US it has been observed that the software companies in San Francisco generate growth rates greater than those of the entire economy.

According to present predictions, the field is expected to grow at a rate of 22% in the years up till 2026, which is greater than many other fields. However, the field of software development itself is one that is characterized by many changes, as a field with such high growth rates should be. As a result, it enjoys several changes and trends that define the field.

Here are 5 emerging trends for the future of software development:


2. Artificial Intelligence is Gaining Momentum

Even the crudest of statistics are saying that the market for AI will grow to be worth around $190 billion by 2025. This is a huge growth in market size and is expected as a result of increased spending in the field. By 2021, the spending in AI systems will reach around $57.6 billion. In fact, the trend is very apparent as AI grows in smartphones. Moreover, around 47% of organizations that are digitally mature confess to having defined an AI strategy. So AI is definitely going to be the future trend.


3. Agile Methodologies Are the New Focus

Developers around the world are now talking about agile methodologies rather than waterfall. Agile focuses on constant iterative cycles to constantly improve a project and development. As a result, as the focus on efficiency and task completion grows, agile is going to get a stronger footing in the world of software development as a development methodology.


4. Progressive Web Apps Are More Popular

Progressive Web Applications are online websites that function just like phone applications do. They have been known to have a huge impact on the traffic that a website attracts and the customers that it retains. Statistics predict that it can increase engagement by a huge 137% and increase mobile traffic by a 68%. This is largely because the average loading and installing speeds of these webpages is around 15 times faster. So, every organization that now wants to make an impact, must invest in progressive web applications and think about people browsing on their phones.


5. Automated Testing and Deployment

The deployment phase in the Software Development Life Cycle, owing to its complexity, is getting a new outlook. People are focusing more and more on automated testing and deployment. Continuous integration and continuous delivery are therefore gaining momentum and around 57% people think that both CI and CD make release and feedback easier and faster.



There is much and more that is going on in the world of software development and much that will soon come out and develop. The fact of the matter is that the field of software development is constantly growing and changing and the trends that are developing now will soon take momentum enough to dominate the field. However, nobody can say for sure what trends will get left behind in light of newer technologies and ideas and make an impact.