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Daily Poems and Stories Portal

Daily Poetry Portal in English and Nederlands. Enjoy reading the Poems with amazing Exclusive Photography. Poems that will touch your heart and Soul.


Do Not Wait for Chances in Life, Instead We should Move Forward and Make the Changes for a Better Prospect. - Jan Jansen

Do Not Wait for Chances in Life, Instead We should Move Forward and Make the Changes for a Better Prospect We all know that without luck we will not have any chance in life​​. But if we do create opportunities for a better future perspective by ourselves, we can still get the luck on our side.

Miracles Exist in the Place where Great Love Is. - Jan Jansen

We all know the importance of love in our life and how it can change us. It is even true that a life without love has little meaning, because everyone need appreciation and a pat on the shoulder is needed for new energy and courage.

Always have Faith in Our Instinct, because No one Knows us Better Than we Do. - Jan Jansen

Our feelings is something we can build and trust on, but sometimes we are so compassionate and stubborn that we ignore it and later have to pay the price for it. But each time is another lesson for us to realize that we are emotional with feelings, because our heart is in the right place, and we have to decide on that moment.

Where There is an Ambition, there will Always be a Way to get Things Done. - Jan Jansen

Without motivation, our life will not give a pleasant impression for ourselves and others. We will no longer be able to understand the purpose of life, it would be a "why" go get this and why that meaning.

Our Life Will be More Peaceful if we Do Not Respond to Negative or Rude Reactions. - Jan Jansen

Everyone knows that the younger generation do not think it is so important to be polite to each other and sometimes we are surprise to listen the statements by them. But what can we do about it? Because its impossible to change it.

Sometimes Even a Little Thought Can Create A Big Change in Life. - Jan Jansen

Our thought is very important in life and when we have it under control, it can give us a lot of advantages because we understand the drawbacks faster during a bad mood. The greater our mind is how more easily the way we can estimate the risks and value from something.


This is the Right Moment

This is the Right Moment

This is the Right Moment

As the years pass by quickly, some people think it is already too late to start something and that they are too old or no longer have enough time.
But we shouldn't keep thinking in retrospect why we never start it previously, because it’s still never too late for us yet.

We should Try Seeking for Opportunity to Stay out of the Crisis. - Jan Jansen

A life without problems is impossible but many things we can control ourselves and choose to whether take the risk or not. It is therefore almost impossible to have perfect life without being suffered to come into a recession, because nobody is perfect .


Anything Worthwhile will Need to endure..

Anything Worthwhile will Need to endure..

There are plenty of things we want to have in our life.
Everyone have their respective dream and we all strive to achieve all these so we can get into our target destination.
Our dream will not just come true without doing anything, if we have sufficient financial resources then we can use our credit card to pay those debt or get a loan from the bank.....

A Person who Always Live with Passion Will Have a Better Sense of Life. - Jan Jansen

We are all used to it that it's almost impossible to have a consistent long period in our life. There are always unexpected things happen in which no one can predict and counted on it. Often we think it only happens to us, unfortunately everybody also gets it, and some things happen in our life that it were so undesirable for us to accept .


Things will not be Complicated if We Stop Complaining and get it Done.

Things will not be Complicated if We Stop Complaining and get it Done.
Avoid making an Emotional Decision because it can be a Misguided Reaction Instead of giving the Good Judgement

It happens to all of us that our heart beats twice as fast, not because our eyes see something excited but also can be frustrated for us on that moment.

Ignore a Thousand Reasons to Quit, as we only Need One Reason to be Motivated. - Jan Jansen

In life there is good and bad times, sometimes is good for anything and at some other time, everything gone bad. If we have a goal which we began with a feeling, but then give it up like nothing is a cowardly act.

Health is the Real Wealth for Us. - Jan Jansen

Many people do not realize how important our health is and they only know wealth above all.They may have forgotten the fact that health is not for sale, and yet it is so important that we all still need to know it as an individual thinking person.We can give priority

The Greatest Wisdom is to Realize that we do Not Know Everything. - Jan Jansen

There are people in our society who think they know everything and also behave like this toward others, but that is a joke and simply ridiculous. Everyone is limited in their own knowledge but it can be expanded, because we are never too old to learn something.

A Sailor Without Destination is Definitely Follow the Wrong Wind in the Sails. - Jan Jansen

Someone who has no vision in their life will not be able to achieve something easily in a hassle free way. Will be a follower of others, and as we all have experienced it already in our life, that will not lead to our own desire, but only accomplish the desires of others.

Never let the Success to Rise Above our Head. - Jan Jansen

Everybody want to be successful in their life, by achieving it they can celebrate with joy and an excellent feeling. To be success is usually associated with money and increase in income, some may think that the content of life is to have as much capital as possible.

Life is Just very Simple, do Not Insist to make it Complicated. - Jan Jansen

We all can be very complex or just very simple in our life, it's all depends on what our needs and how we think about it. Always try to realize what's important in our life, so we can leave out what we do not need, then we will not get lost in direction.

Love is like a River that will Continue to Flow Forever. - Jan Jansen

To be the valentine for a person on this special day in the year give a good feeling and also indicates that there is love involved. Love is an essential factor which occupy an important place in our life and can give us the extra feeling that everyone is waiting to be happy.

Do Not Let our Inner Peace being Disturbed by Things Which is Beyond our Control. - Jan Jansen

Many things happen in our life which we have no influence on it, but that can irritate our inner feelings. We are totally disagree with it and would like to change that or try to at least bring in some improvements.

Never Waste our Effort on those who Not Appreciate Us. - Jan Jansen

Respect is something that we have received from our upbringing and at a later age we learning more to be ourselves so we can assessing the value and understand that not everything is for sale. Time is precious and it is not possible for us to spend all the time to care and to resolve the problems for everybody around us.

Be Careful with the Words we Use Because Once its Spoken, can Never be Recalled. - Jan Jansen

Fortunately, all of us can determine our attitude and how we behave, but ....... We all have the freedom to speak anything but we have to think first before the spoken word came out from our mouth, and against who we need to talk to.

The Biggest Mistake a Person can Ever Make is to Simply Give Up. - Jan Jansen

We all meet with surprises and setbacks in our life, there will not be any exception to nobody. The main concern is what kind of impact this will give on us, with not too much damage on our peace of mind and how we can handle it.

A Person who Nurse a Grievance will Never find Happiness in Life. - Jan Jansen

Sometime it is unfortunately in our life that the unpleasant things happen which can affect our feelings so we will be having a lot of grief. This gives such a huge emotional impact in our life which is almost impossible to forget, but to constantly take it to anywhere is very frustrating.

Money is the Root of Evil if We do Not Use it Wisely. - Jan Jansen

Money can provide a solution for many things, but not everything is for sale . But everyone needs money to survive, and some persons want to do everything to obtain for it that honesty is no longer a factor for them.