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Genuine Care

Genuine Care is the leading provider of CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York. Our professional services to the members of the grader New York community and the surrounding areas, regardless of a client’s nationality, religion, color, disability, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Busy with Work? 3 Tips to Make Caring for Seniors Easy

Being a working adult can be tough. There’s a lot on your plate that you have to balance. And sometimes, you’re at a loss when it comes to checking on your elderly parents. Well, Genuine Care has a couple of suggestions for you

How Cost-Effective are Home Care Services?

You’ve heard about home care services and what it can do for your senior loved one. But is it truly something worth investing your money in? If you aren’t decided on signing up for this service, Genuine Care lists down some points that might make you want to consider.

Get Paid While You Care for Your Closest Friend

Do you think this is too good to be true? Not at all. This is in fact a provision of the New York state’s Medicaid program called CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program). If you’re a senior person who needs Homecare services, or if you have a grandparent who prefers your assistance over any other person, the CDPAP is worth looking in to.

Key Benefits of Aging in Place

The population of seniors have been growing since 2010 and according to AARP, their growth rate is expected to hit at 15% for the total population even until the year 2050. The increase is mainly due to the members of the baby boomer generation approaching the senior season. Add to this, 87% of these seniors prefer to stay in their present home than elsewhere.

CDPAP: Is It Beneficial for Your Senior Loved One?

For Americans in New York, we are very privileged to have the CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This is initiated by the state’s Medicaid so that those who require Homecare services can also have other options in receiving their care. These individuals are mostly seniors who need assistance in their daily activities.

Encourage a Senior Loved One to Wear Clean Clothes

When our aging family members are spending most of their aging season at home, some aspects of personal care may be overlooked. The familiarity of their living conditions can help them feel that they’re still well and in good condition. However, without the assistance of family or Homecare service providers, your loved one may eventually neglect these care activities.

Why Seniors Need Companionship at Home?

Quality companionship is a major need for many seniors. When they are living alone at home, the risks to isolation and depression can increase. As their loved ones, we would be naturally concerned about our elders’ wellbeing when they are already aging at home.

Brain-Healthy Activities for Seniors

Older adults can be faced with memory-delaying issues as they get older. This can be a common occurrence. Yet, this should not mean that we cannot do anything about age-related memory issues.