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Did "The Bobs" Ruin Consulting? | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Office Space, you have missed a cult classic. I will confess that the first time I saw it, I didn’t really get it. However, when I watched it again, I became a raving fan.

The Bobs are two consultants who have been brought in to evaluate employees of the company and determine who should keep their job, and who should be laid off. They come to a decision on one slacker that is just crazy to us as viewers, seeming like very expensive idiots.

Before You Get That Certification, Consider These 5 Things | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Are you considering getting certified in somebody’s system or licensing an organization’s thought leadership? Training and certification can be great if you need / want the knowledge, or possibly validation in the marketplace.

Self-Employment: Freedom vs. Flexibility | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Having played in the small business / solo consultant space for eight years, I’ve heard a lot about the freedom and flexibility that small business ownership supposedly brings.

First Day of 2019, First Client Drama | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

My first client meeting of 2019 got scheduled for January 1. Yep, New Year’s Day – after a glittering tango holiday party, with me feeling a little fuzzy from bubbly and nursing sore feet.

Year-End Planning: What Worked and What Could Be Improved | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I don’t know about you, but I am actually looking forward to spending some time evaluating 2018 and planning for 2019.

Like many of you, I have some (a lot) of bookkeeping to catch up on as well. I enjoy looking back at the clients I served over the year, and reevaluating software and training I will want to invest in for the New Year.

Also, I find that I don’t remember many of the accomplishments of a year until I write my year-end post for my business.

Mining the Gold of Your Inbox | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Ah, those carefree days, before everyone and their brother could easily spam us or eblast us with incessant special offers, and endless follow-up reminders that we might miss those special offers….

Pushback on Pricing: A Tale of Two Emails | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

While it is tempting to take it personally, getting triggered into feeling invalidated, like you’re an imposter, etc., it’s better to just know that pushback on pricing is a normal and expected part of the sales cycle for services.

Small Business Fright Fest | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

If the odds of a marriage lasting are about the same as a coin flip, your odds for small business success aren’t even that good.

The Power of a Small Word – Yet | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

If you are growing a business or changing the direction of your business, you will almost certainly experience Carol Roth’s Business Rule of 3: Everything takes 3 times longer, is 3 times as costly, and is 3 times more difficult than you expect it to be.

To Find Your Ideal Clients Keep Focusing the Lens | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Even if you could serve several different types of clients in various industries, it is absolutely exhausting to try to do this.

A Nudge for Introverts to Attend Live Events | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Recently, I have been enjoying video calls as well. In the past, I tried to avoid them. The longer I work for myself and am alone most of the day, the more I actually look forward to face-to-face interactions with clients and colleagues.

Entrepreneurial Shame: Retirement Isn't Happening Soon – Maybe Ever | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Given that I work with entrepreneurs who are exiting their business, helping them find a great corporate job they love, I hear a lot of shame stories.

10 Tips for Finding Social Media Sanity While Battling Depression |

Do you struggle with finding sanity in social media while battling depression? You are definitely not alone. Here are10 tips to help you navigate through that.

As Rates of Depression Rise in Entrepreneurs, We Need to Keep Talking About It |

As rates of depression in entrepreneurs rise, the rest of us need to keep talking about it. That’s where The Depression Discussions comes in—and hopes to make a big difference.

3 Examples of Short Video Formats to Grow Your Business | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

But, as I have written before, video is here to stay – and it can be a great marketing tool for a small business owner. I thought it might be helpful to give you some examples of how to do it easily and effectively.

How to Have an Easier Time Talking About What You Do | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

As a service provider, especially a solo practitioner, you can get really stuck talking about what you do. There are a few reasons for this:

  • You find talking about yourself uncomfortable because you were told at a young age not to call attention to yourself
  • You might be new in your business and trying a few different things, hoping to see what works for clients
  • You may feel what you do isn’t that special and anyone could do it
  • You might think that you work your magic differently with each client so you can’t give an example of your “typical” project
  • I think we’ve all struggled through some (if not all) of these, but I have had some interesting conversations with my solo consultant clients recently, and I hope this information will be helpful for you, too.
The Consultant's Dilemma: You Care More Than They Do | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

The consultants I know care deeply about their clients, and are committed to bringing the most value they can to a consulting project.

The problem is that sometimes a client doesn’t have the appetite for change they said they did, and might not follow through on your recommendations – even when they said they would.

Driving Traffic: The Key Component to Making Your Website Work for You | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

There seems to be a misconception that a good website will be a lead magnet and do your marketing for you without any ongoing effort on your part. This is simply not true. You need to entice people to visit - consistently.

If It's Easy to Go Big, Consider Going Small | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Automation is a great thing. The fact that as a solo consultant I can have a global reach boggles my mind some days.

However, in this age when you can email hundreds or thousands with the touch of a button, I find myself leaning toward old-school tactics and reaching out to specific individuals with a customized “ask.”

Compare and Despair: Entrepreneurs and Depression | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Depression rates are higher in entrepreneurs and creatives than the general population. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), suicide rates went up more than 30% in half of states since 1999.

Discipline Disappears: How Motivation Actually Works | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

It seems like a lot of small business owners are trying to just push through these days. I am hearing so many stories about loss of motivation, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

My post “The Grind, Sh*t Sandwiches, and Other Inconvenient Truths” was a tough love post about surviving the slow slog. In this post, I want to explore what can be the engine for sustaining motivation.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Recommitting to Your Business | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I’ve spoken with several solo consultant clients recently who after considering exiting their businesses, instead decided to recommit to them.

I have found myself repeating the same things again and again, so I thought some of you might find these questions and tactics helpful.

Email Carpet-Bombing and Other Business Blunders | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Who else gets an almost violent reaction to being bombarded with emails from certain professionals?

Yes, you could unsubscribe, but there is usually some topic they cover that is of interest. Unfortunately, there is also a deluge of other stuff that is seemingly unrelated…

I’m going to call it email carpet-bombing because that’s what it feels like.

The Grind, Sh*t Sandwiches, and Other Inconvenient Truths | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Seeing the ads on Facebook or other social media platforms about coaches who quit their day jobs, went through some brief hardship, and then made millions (supposedly) can really ruin your day.

3 Boundaries You Need in Your Business | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

When you’re starting and growing a business, boundaries can become fluid or nonexistent. I was talking with a former entrepreneur who recently took a corporate job, and she commented that one of the things she likes is there is now an end to the day for her.