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Timing for Starting a Business (Part 2) | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Starting a business can seem as simple as registering a domain name and setting up social media profiles and selling something.

And while it’s never been easier to start a business, having a successful business still takes a lot of hard work.

Four Fun Ways to Spark New Ideas | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

If you work alone, as I do, you can spend too much time stuck in your own head.

When this happens, you can get into a rut and not see other ways to do things. Or, you may just go blank when you try to think of new ideas.

Looking at Language: Working Hard vs. Efforting | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I got into a rather heated argument with my coach a few weeks ago. We were talking about working hard and she said it sounded like I was in struggle with this and actually looking for more ease.

Go-to-Market Blunders Part 3 – Marketing | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Few business owners would argue that a key component for launching a product or service is marketing. However, there is a bit of a chicken / egg aspect to creating marketing for a launch, since you probably have made a lot of assumptions during the process.

Go-to-Market Blunders Part 2 – Messaging | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Your messaging can feel like a moving target as you’re launching a product or service. The reality is that you should consider it to be a moving target because few business owners get it right initially.

Go-to-Market Blunders Part 1 – Sales | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Given the work I do, I tend not to hear about things that went right in business. Instead, I usually hear when things failed miserably and cost way too much money.

Is It Time to Tidy Up Your Website? | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

As we’re in the middle of spring-cleaning season, I started thinking about aspects of my business that need a little tidying up. One of these is definitely my website.

Screens Can Never Replace IRL | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

If you know Phil, you might have just felt a pang of jealousy because he is one of the most beloved folks on social media, and you know that he gives great hugs.

I am so excited to see my Tampa friend who used to live much closer. We aren’t able to get together in person nearly often enough.

Truth-Telling and Entrepreneurship | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

When two or more entrepreneurs get together, often the masks come off and people start sharing their real stories.

Sometimes, people share wins because they know the other entrepreneurs will understand what it took, and celebrate with them in a way that someone who hasn’t grown a business can’t.

But, more often, when the masks come off real struggles are shared.

How to Maintain Your Marketing Mojo | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

If I had a dollar for every time I received an email with, “Hey, you haven’t heard from me for a while, but now I’m back…”

And, I’ll admit that I have sent some of these out myself over the years.

Maintaining consistent marketing is a grind, and something I have not done well. So, I am writing this post to kick my own butt as much as I am to kick yours.

Feeling Stuck? Try Asking These 5 Questions to Move Forward. | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I’m stuck. I can’t figure out what I want to do or try next. I can’t figure out what to do with my business. I can’t figure out where I want to live. Throwing my stuff in storage and roaming around the country staying with friends is on the list of options. Finding an apartment in a new neighborhood here in Chicago is as well.

The Perils of Perfectionism | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Perfectionism on the surface might seem like a good thing, but when you examine it closely, you will realize that it is a thief of creativity, productivity, and success.

While we probably should strive to do the best we can, we must realize that perfection is not attainable by most humans.

Clearing Out Those Old Ideas | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

When spring comes everything can start to look different. You may find you get a burst of energy to throw out the old and bring in the new as you cheerfully pack away your sweaters in anticipation of warmer weather.

You may find yourself decluttering your closets, but have you thought about clearing out the clutter in your head?

Weak Language Gets Weak Results | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

It’s unfortunate that weak language is often confused with being polite, or business appropriate. Not unlike the salesperson who talks a client out of buying by not shutting up, weak language sets you up for disappointing results.

5 Ways to Shut Down Frustration | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

The frustrations an entrepreneur faces are endless – money issues, technology issues, market changes, demanding clients – you name it!

Periodic frustrations are guaranteed. Some days will have more than others.

Mid-Life, Milestones, and Metrics | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Today I turned 57. This is mid-life and there’s no other way to spin it.

For some of you, it may seem like I am old, and I am OK with that.

I’ll share that I feel about 40, have lots of things I want to do, and don’t plan on retiring ever.

What Title Should You Use? | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

You wouldn’t think deciding on what title to use would be tricky as a small business owner, but it’s not as straightforward as you might imagine, and you may use different titles at different times.

I am a bit of a chameleon and can change colors to match my surroundings.

How to Have a Good Meeting | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

We’ve all groaned or rolled our eyes when we’ve received a meeting request.

Good meetings can yield great results for an organization, but good meetings are rare.

More often, you have to suffer through meetings that are too long, are trying to cover too much, or get hijacked by someone with a different agenda.

Reimagining Your Business | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Professionals come to me when they’ve “hit the wall” with their business. They are fed up and tired. Everything that was once interesting and exciting has become a grind.

Generally, these people have been in their businesses 7-15 years. And often they have been quite successful. But then a string of client frustrations, lumpy revenue events, or life situations have make everything seem much harder.

The Underside of Bootstrapping | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I am often the first one to recommend bootstrapping your business if you can. You get to make the decisions and call the shots. You don’t have investors trying to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do. And, you don’t have to share the profits.

However, there are some things you might want to be aware of.

Only the Lonely (Entrepreneurs) | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

I shut down my last business and went back to corporate primarily because I was lonely. Between 2002 and 2006 I didn’t know many other entrepreneurs.

My friends and former colleagues in corporate didn’t understand my joys and challenges of running my own business, and they certainly didn’t know how to advise or support me.

You Exited Your Business – Now What? | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

What is the goal of entrepreneurship? Obviously, it’s different for everyone. Do you want to grow a business and exit? Do you want to grow a business that you stay involved in?

If an entrepreneur is hoping to have a profitable exit, they might have planned for that even as they were launching the business. Or, the business might have pivoted or hit a market opportunity that resulted in value.

Did "The Bobs" Ruin Consulting? | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Office Space, you have missed a cult classic. I will confess that the first time I saw it, I didn’t really get it. However, when I watched it again, I became a raving fan.

The Bobs are two consultants who have been brought in to evaluate employees of the company and determine who should keep their job, and who should be laid off. They come to a decision on one slacker that is just crazy to us as viewers, seeming like very expensive idiots.

Before You Get That Certification, Consider These 5 Things | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Are you considering getting certified in somebody’s system or licensing an organization’s thought leadership? Training and certification can be great if you need / want the knowledge, or possibly validation in the marketplace.

Self-Employment: Freedom vs. Flexibility | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Having played in the small business / solo consultant space for eight years, I’ve heard a lot about the freedom and flexibility that small business ownership supposedly brings.