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Updated by Ashlee Griffith on May 25, 2019
Headline for Understanding Weather
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Understanding Weather

Subject: Science
Content: Weather
Learners: 4th Grade

Students, below you will find a list of links that will help you explore weather. Your goal is to understand how meteorologists measure the weather!

Weather - Kids | Britannica Kids

What exactly is weather? Explore this link to understand what weather is and why it is important.

Meteorologist Ryan Davidson Explains Weather Maps

How do I read a weather map? Watch this video to learn how cold and warm fronts work and how to identify these on a weather map.

Click this link to take a closer look at the different types of weather fronts we will be learning about in this unit.

Weather Instruments | Weather Wiz Kids

How do meteorologists measure the weather? Click this link to explore the different weather instruments used to measure the weather.

Weather Channels: Crash Course Kids #34.2

Why is my weather app sometimes wrong? Watch this video to understand why weather can be so tricky to predict.

Weather Symbols

What do all of those symbols on a weather map mean? Explore this link to learn about the different weather symbols and how to read and understand them.

Cloud Types

What do the clouds in the sky tell me about the weather? Use this link to explore the different cloud types and what weather each type of cloud brings.