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05 Best Things to Do in Glenelg – Simple Town Astounding Experience

A town like Glenelg becomes famous as a hot tourist spot for the little pleasures, which pack quite a punch. This article looks at some of the best experiences Glenelg has to offer as a town home to gorgeous beaches, sunny restaurant, galleries and relaxing little points.


Explore the Towns History at the Glenelg Visitor Centre

The Glenelg Visitor Centre throws light on the towns fascinating past. There you will learn that the town was once a pioneer settlement dating back to 1836. The museum located within the centre offers free entrance and is super for understanding just how the town was set-up as well as looking into Glenelg heritage, which will have you enthralled. The visitor centre is just 2 minutes from Oaks Liberty Towers, a good location for those of you seeking the best Glenelg holiday accommodation, which also, promises the fastest access to the beach.


Wander Around and Enjoy the Bay Discovery Centre

If you are a lover of art and culture, do make time to visit the Bay Discovery Centre. There you will be treated to South Australian culture chronicling the towns social past. The best place to satiate the history lover, art buff and curious tourist side of yourself; the Discovery Centre in a good place to spend time pondering over the towns colourful heritage.


Savour the Talents at the Glenelg Art Gallery

Another one for some refined fun, the Glenelg Art Gallery is home to the work of both established and upcoming artists from the area. The perfect venue to savour Aborigine art, traditions and customs, this place gives you an insight into South Australia's rich heritage and its original settlers. You just may find the perfect souvenir to take back as well, at this fine art space.


Chill at the Glenelg Jetty Pier

This historical site was built in 1859, the jetty stretching into the ocean, once lead to the Glenelg lighthouse which was sadly destroyed in 1873 by a fire. More disaster struck when a storm washed away what remained of the jetty, leaving in its wake an aquarium and one kiosk; these structures seen as a hazard were later pulled down and in 1969 the new jetty pier was built. So, as you walk along the wooden boards of the jetty, the wind whipping your hair, and beautiful vistas of the ocean dominating your sight, keep in mind the rich history behind the creation of the new jetty.


The Iconic Landmark the Old Gum Tree

More precisely known as the Old Gum Tree Reserve, this place marks the spot at which the 'Proclamation of South Australia' was read out. A treasured landmark the old gum tree occupied land belonging to John Hector, who later decided to award the area in 1857 to the Glenelg Municipality. You can also take on a Proclamation Trail and explore more of the town's history. These cycling or walking tours start at the Town Centre and cover original iconic sites around the town.