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List of Street Food in Goa You Must Not Miss – Some of the best local delicacies

If you love Indian cuisine, then Goan food will not disappoint; it is packed with some truly rich flavours and interesting textures. Try these foods when exploring the city during your visit.


Ras Omelette

When in India you will naturally expect the dishes you try to be packed with flavour, and this omelet will disappoint. The ras is a gravy, which can be quite spicy, and which can contain various things such as chickpeas or onions, coconut curry leaves, and other ingredients, varying based on who makes it. A fluffy omelette with various herbs and spices is made separately, and the flavourful ras is poured over it. This dish is served with bread and is a commonly seen street food, available at both roadside kiosks, and finer establishments. If you are a passionate foodie, then whether you're staying in any of the hotels near Margao Goa or Panaji or some other city, you must make the time to head out onto the streets and discovering these local dishes. The flavours and textures are unmatchable.


Choris Pao

Goan food is delicious, whether you enjoy it at a luxurious hotel like Alila Diwa Goa or at a food stall on the side of the road. Many of the local dishes have their origins within the local Catholic community, and the Choris Pao is one such dish. Choris are delicious pork sausages, usually homemade, which are rich in flavour and are succulent in texture, which is extremely popular in Goa. For this street dish, the choris is served in a soft local bread known as the pao making it easy to eat. These are easily accessible and are even sold by vendors on bikes, and make a delicious breakfast option. This is definitely a dish that you must look out for, to truly enjoy the best of the local cuisine.



If you're a foodie, you probably know that a shawarma is already as this Middle Eastern dish is famed world over. Flavourful meat roasted on an open rotisserie is shaved into thin slices and served as a wrap, together with sauces and pickles. While most of the street food you see in Goa will be of local origin, this is one of the few outside dishes that you will see regularly when holidaying in Goa. As it is served as a wrap it is easy to eat and not very messy, and the amount of flavour packed into a shawarma will leave your taste buds happy.


Goan Sweets

There is plenty for fans of sweets to enjoy when exploring the street food scene in Goa, and this includes a wide selection of local Goan Sweets. While many of these sweets are usually served on festive occasions, there are plenty of sweet shops around Goa where you can find them. From Bebinca, a cake like a treat made up of seven layers with delicious spices mixed into it, to Pinaca, which is sweetened with jaggery, there are plenty of delicious sweet treats you must indulge in when in Goa. Another sweet treat you may want to try is Gadbad. The name translates to mean chaos, and that is exactly what this sweet treat is, a chaotic mess of flavours of ice cream in a bowl, topped with jelly and other add-ons. On a warm day, there is nothing better to cool you down.

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