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Updated by Common Ground Ecology on Aug 22, 2019
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Common Ground Ecology

Conserve Florida ecology while allowing landowners to attain value for their property. We tread lightly on the land and deal fairly with our clients.

Gopher Tortoise Permitting

Common Ground ecology has highly qualified staff provide gopher tortoise permitting and training courses. For more information, visit our website!

Gopher Tortoise Relocation

We provide the relocation services for the gopher tortoise. Our goal is to work with the landowner to quickly eliminate the potential for impacts to gopher tortoises on any sized private or public project. We resolve projects efficiently and thoroughly to allow the client to rest at ease that the gopher tortoise aspect of their project is no longer a concern. Contact us!

Things You Can Do For Saving Endangered Species

We all recognise that there are various endangered species all over the planet. The word ‘endangered’ means that these groups are at a towering risk of becoming vanished if no steps are taken to look after and refurbish their habitats. They are susceptible by industrialisation, overhunting, or wild population management performs.

Gopher Tortoise Training

We provide gopher tortoise training to the students with the vital contextual background information on the biology and ecology of tortoises. Join us today!

Conserve Florida Ecology

We help government agencies and landowners to develop workable, science-based plans to conserve ecology in Florida. For any inquiries, contact us!

Gopher Tortoise Relocation

We are (FWC) approved authorized service provider who offers gopher tortoise relocation services to shift the tortoise from your property.

Why there is Critical Need to Conserve Florida Natural Lands?

Florida jump down an equivalent of 10 acres of natural and functioning lands each hour for development purposes, and including the valuable natural goods and services they grants. Agricultural along with residential require for water in Florida may more than double by 2070. Too much nitrogen and phosphorus pollution have damaged coastal waters, rivers, springs, lakes, and estuaries. The destinies of endangered species like the Florida panther hang up in the balance. Sea level is rising, and our properties are more at hazard from flooding and severe weather actions. Therefore, the demand to conserve Florida is increasing. Luckily, Florida has the tools to give safeguards for significant lands that care for our water resources. Land conservation programs like the Florida Forever Program and the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program present the framework and system required to guard these priceless lands.

Florida scrub-jay Permitting and Relocation

At Common Ground Ecology, we help landowners and developers to navigate Florida scrub-jay permitting and relocation process in a way that benefits all.

Gopher Tortoise Agent Training

At Common Ground Ecology, we provide FWC approved gopher tortoise agent training to professionals working in the fields of environmental consulting, natural resources management, conservation, or land planning. Our classes will focus on training and certification in six FWC approved activity grouping. The students in one FWC authorized gopher tortoise agent activity by providing vital contextual background information on the biology and ecology of tortoises. Contact us for any queries about the training information.

Land Clearing and Development

Common Ground Ecology has years of experience assisting federal, state, and local government agencies with land clearing and development to conserve Florida's ecosystem.

Habitat Conservation and Evaluation Plan

Common Ground Ecology designs habitat conservation and evaluation plans with a dedicated focus on the particular ecological needs of plants and animals native to Florida.

Conserve Florida Ecology Tampa - Flegoo Classifieds

Common Ground Ecology helps government agencies and landowners to conserve ecology Florida develop workable, science-based plans that balance the needs of wildlife and natural lands with land use issues.

Florida ecology

Are you looking for the ecology in Florida? Lance Arvidson is an applied community ecologist. Simply put, he examines current, real-world factors that cause a species to occur in an area.

Sand Skink Permitting

Common Ground Ecology helps developers and landowners for the sand skink and northern crested caracara permitting services that protect wildlife and allow for reasonable land development.