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Charity Kiosk Machines | Church Donation Kiosks | Olea Kiosks Inc.™

Award-Winning Standard & Custom Kiosks - Olea is the Preferred Manufacturer of Charity Kiosk & Church Donation Kiosks. Visit our website to learn more!

Virtual Concierge Kiosks | Virtual Receptionists

Virtual Concierge Kiosks are an efficient way to offer information to guests in a user-friendly self-service format. Contact Olea today to find out &hellips;

ADA Compliant Kiosks - ADA Specifications for Kiosks

Olea Kiosks has extensive expertise in building ADA-compliant kiosks. Many of our standard kiosks are fully ADA-compliant, and we also have vast expertise in building custom kiosk solutions that are as easy to use for impaired and non-impaired users.

Drive-Thru Kiosks: The Next Big Thing in Fast Food - Olea Kiosks Inc.

By utilizing drive-thru kiosks, casual restaurants are providing greater convenience while servicing their audience’s demand for self-service ordering options, thus increasing overall customer satisfaction, all while also generating higher average sales per order!

Medical Kiosks: The Next Generation’s Doctor’s Office

Olea is an award-winning Medical and Healthcare Kiosk manufacturer. Find out how Medical Kiosks are enhancing and streamlining healthcare visits today.

AMD Global Telemedicine Announces Strategic Partnership with Olea Kiosks

AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. and Olea Kiosks Inc announce a partnership to deliver customized customized kiosks for telehealth applications. Read more...

Self-Service Banking Trends for 2017 | Banking Kiosks

For many bank managers, employing digital banking kiosks in their branches and in other high-traffic locations, such as malls, is paying dividends by reaching a new potential customer base and informing existing customers about new products and services. Learn more about the benefits of digital banking kiosks.

Fundraising Kiosks for Non-profits | Donation Kiosks

Find out how Fundraising Kiosks for Non-profits can facilitate many of your organization's needs from logistics to donations to sign-ups and more!

Bill Pay Kiosks: The Business Models and Keys to Success, Part II

Self-service payment solutions, such as Bill Payment Kiosks, are in high demand. Find how to make your bill pay kiosk deployment a success!

Oak Wood Kiosks | Customized Wood Kiosk | Olea Kiosks Inc.™

Learn more about custom wood kiosk, Olea is the preferred manufacturer of U.S.A. made kiosks. Visit our website to learn more!

NFC Technology and Interactive Kiosks - Olea Kiosks Inc.

NFC cashless payment systems through a kiosk provide users with an unparalleled level of speed and convenience in the checkout process. Read more now.

Kiosks vs. Mobile Apps | The Growth of Self-Order Technologies

Both self-service kiosks and mobile applications are an integral part of a successful omnichannel strategy. Find out how your business can benefit...

How Self-Service Kiosks Are Improving the Consumer Experience

Self-service purchasing is changing the way we shop. 85% of Americans have used a self-service kiosk and that number is even higher for younger age groups. Find out how a retail self-service kiosk can improve customer experience and drive profits.

Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks Work for Customers and Owners

Many restaurants are turning to Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks to satisfy their customers' appetite for digital, customizable and efficient service.

4 Tips for Effective Casino Loyalty Programs | Olea Kiosks

Many gaming-industry leaders are seeing big profits and satisfied customers as a result of their implementation of casino kiosks. Find out more...

QSR Self-Service Kiosks Are the Future of Quick Service Restaurants

The next game-changing technology in the QSR industry is the QSR Kiosk. These devices are capable of increasing sales by up to 15% while significantly reducing operation costs by eliminating the need for staffing a cashier at the drive-thru window. Click here to learn more.

Biometric Kiosks Offer Instant Identification and Secure Processing

Learn more about biometric kiosks & how they offer instant ID processing, these kiosks are customizable in functionality. Contact Us to learn more.

How to Choose a Kiosk Machine Manufacturer | Kiosk Machines

Learn how Olea can custom design your Kiosk Machine, these kiosks are customizable in functionality. Contact Us to learn more.

Education Kiosks Bring Numerous Benefits to Academic Institutions

The use of interactive kiosks by educational institutions is on the rise and for good reason – they provide unparalleled access to information as well as a means for the school’s administration to communicate with the student body, faculty, alumni and visitors. Learn more about the benefits of educational kiosks.