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10 Idioms that Perfectly Suit Rahul Gandhi - Curious Keeda

A 48-year old man, who recently got promoted to the president of the Indian National Congress. Yes! I am talking about our very own Rahul Gandhi. We have seen so many incidents where he has proved that he is such a pain in the ass. He does not know how to give speeches as a politician, he does not know where to speak and what to speak. He is the most oblivious legislator that India has ever seen. I have listed down a few idioms that perfectly suit Rahul Gandhi.

When music and work out are inseparable - Curious Keeda

Lost in the daydreams, headphones over my head, absent from the crowd and suddenly, I heard “agla station kashmere gate hai”. No…I was not dreaming about my crush…I was not talking to my BFF either…Umm…well…I was fantasizing about me working out. Yes! You heard it correct. I was listening to the songs that rejuvenate me while working out. Yes! I am aware that some fellows don’t like listening to the music while working out. But my music and work out are inseparable. I think “work out” has become a new trend in the society, almost all my friends are members in one gym or another. Whether they work out or not? Well…That’s a different story. But, fortunately, I am not a part of the flock, I go to the gym daily and sweat for an hour.

"Whatever will be, will be": A 14 Year Old Cancer Patient's Advice to Live - Curious Keeda

“Cancer is not a problem, its treatment is. I know everything will be fine. I fondly recollect this phrase which was iterated by a 14-year-old girl while I was waiting for my turn to get another painful injection outside the TB center located in Daryaganj. I can anticipate that she must not have any idea when she accidentally gave me this beautiful yet wise piece of advice. Well, this all began when, I, the self-proclaimed fitness junky, was diagnosed with Spinal Tuberculosis. Ironical isn’t it? Spinal tuberculosis is said to be the worst kind of TB as it is said to be self-degenerative. In my case too, I was 5 months late to realize that the cyst that was growing on my spine could be life-threatening.

10 Life Truths We All Have To Accept Once Our College Life Gets Over - Curious Keeda

We all know nobody wants their college life to get over. But as everything comes to an end so does our college life and we will have to deal with it.

The Festival of Easter and the Myths Surrounding It! - Curious Keeda

Easter, a festival which is richly celebrated by Christians and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus is considered as a rebirth of Christianity has arrived.

What’s So Good about Good Friday? - Curious Keeda

Good Friday, a day Jesus willingly and eagerly took all the sufferings and died by crucifixion as a definitive penance for our wrongdoings.

6 low-calorie high-protein vegetarian foods that cut down the weight - Curious Keeda

With the increase of number in people who want to shed weight and admire to have a perfect physique/figure, the demand of low-calorie high-protein foods is growing.

Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Care That Work Wonders - Curious Keeda

It’s important to take out time and focus on nourishing your hair to get those luscious. Taking steps and practicing self-care is what you should adhere by.

Are You Treating Your Hair Right? Essential Tips for Summer Hair Care - Curious Keeda

The dreaded and fearful months of scorching summer are here! Worry no more, let natural hair rules in the summer with these hair care tips.

Powerful Bollywood Scenes That Required No Dialogue to Show their Effect - Curious Keeda

A beautiful scenegy of bollywood scenes capturing a perfect moment tells you thousand stories running in the character’s mind.

4 Benefits of Green Peas for Diabetes - Curious Keeda

Diabetes affects more than 62 million people in India. Diabetes has two types; Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is an automatic condition which is caused by genetic disposition. It starts during the earlier days of childhood. Whereas, on other hand, Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes. It mushrooms during the adulthood.

Navratri Special: Three Yummy Snacks For Those Who Are Fasting - Curious Keeda

Navratri represents the beginning of Hindu new year and this new year celebration lasts for 9 days. It comes twice a year, once in a month of April and once in a month of October.

‘Tabaah Ho Gaye’ new song featuring Madhuri Dixit-Nene ahead of the release of Kalank. - Curious Keeda

After solid hit of the first classical song ‘Ghar More Pardesiya’, Kalank team unveiled ‘Tabaah Ho gaye’ featuring ‘Dhah Dhak Girl’ Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

6 Wonderful Traits of People Born in April - Curious Keeda

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate April! It is the month when everything is full of optimism and cheer. It is also the month of Aries!

Coffee: Drinking in the Morning is not the Best Time! - Curious Keeda

We are all used to having coffee right after we wake up. But, scientists advise to wait for an hour before consuming your cup o’ joe.

Your Spring Reading List is Sorted! Have a Look - Curious Keeda

Time to give your bookshelf an upgrade and stock it up with a fresh reading list for the days ahead. Take a look to pick out your favorites.

When Avengers' Thanos Played Holi… - Curious Keeda

Its true that Avengers Endgame and Infinity War Star, Josh Brolin, who became popular after portraying the role of Thanos in Marvel movies, played Holi with his friends. Today, the actor shared his Holi’s 2013 throwback picture.

Don’t Want To Cook Food? Amazing Places in Delhi To Feast Your Festive Cravings - Curious Keeda

On this auspicious occasion, give yourself a break from domestic chores. Go out to these amazing places and enjoy the meals.

Your Iconic Bollywood Holi Playlist Is Right Here! - Curious Keeda

Holi is here! And Holi parties all around the world are just incomplete without trending Bollywood numbers. Here is your ulitimate Holi playlist.

Do You Know Exactly Why We Celebrate Holi? - Curious Keeda

Holi is here! It is a time when people welcome spring, splash colors upon each other and come together as a community. Happy Holi!

 “Xiaomi Redmi Go” Costs Only INR 4,499: Check out its features, price, specifications and more... - Curious Keeda

A Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi, which is headquartered in Beijing, has been launching the cheapest gadgets with stunning features since its inception.

Are You Writing Your CV Correct? Does It Have All It Should Have? - Curious Keeda

In the expert business world, your CV or curriculum vitae is simply the most imperative self-marketing apparatus.Job seekers, beware!

The Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers of All Times. - Curious Keeda

Exciting times are certainly ahead for Formula 1 fans all over the world. As we enjoy the races, let us also look at some of the most legendary F1 racers.

The sparkle of Kathak: Understanding Kathak Gharanas and More - Curious Keeda

Kathak Indian classical dance art is one of the most elegant dance forms of India which revolves around the concept of storytelling.

5 Myths About Coffee- Myth is, After All, a Never Ending Story! - Curious Keeda

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world after water! There are more number of people waking up and having a cup of coffee then having water.