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Updated by Commando Storage Systems on Mar 24, 2020
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Commando Storage Systems

Commando Storage Systems is a manufacturing unit for metal shelving and mobile storage solutions for various industries.


Benefits Of A Mobile Pedestal Cabinet at your Home and Workspace

For every business across every industry, storage space is a major concern. They need a storage solution that will maximise their storage capacity while not taking up much of their needed storage and floor space. You can find many manufacturers online, so be sure to do your research and ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality mobile pedestal.

Where To Find Longspan Shelving In Melbourne

Commando are the storage system experts that businesses turn to when they require high-quality longspan shelving in Melbourne that will efficiently meet all their shelving storage needs... read more

Why You Should Purchase Timber Laminate Lockers From Commando

Finding the right locker to fit your storage space needs is made easy at Commando. Visit the team at Commando when you need superior timber laminate lockers that will meet all your storage needs.

Commando – For All Your Wire Shelving In Melbourne Needs

Commando has been the first choice when Australian businesses need strong and durable wire shelving in Melbourne as they provide for stored items with the optimal air circulation.

Turn To Commando For Superior Metal Shelving In Melbourne

Commando is the leading Australian manufacturer when it comes to quality metal shelving in Melbourne. They provide a range of high-quality, strong and durable storage solutions for your storage space requirements.


High Density Metal Storage Cabinets & Drawers

Insufficient storage systems can lead to a messy environment in the office which can negatively affect the growth of your business, better is to have high density storage cabinets for all your storage needs at your workspace.


Spare Parts Trays - Commando Storage Systems

Parts trays can be placed directly on the selves for convenient and quick access of the parts. Commando parts trays are specially designed to suit the Moduline shelving range of storage systems.

Turn To Commando When Searching For High-Quality Steel Drawers

When searching for steel drawers, Commando’s Solander Box Cabinet is an efficient storage solution for museums and art galleries as it can provide additional storage space without taking up much of the floor space in their storage areas.


Mobile Pedestals Storage For Convenient File Access

Commando mobile pedestals storage system is perfect for under bench storage. It makes the access to important files and daily used office items like pen and paper convenient, fast and easy.

Commando – All Your Small Parts Storage Bins Needs

Commando’s small parts storage bins are made from heavy-duty polypropylene and because of its semi-crystalline material, it has high flexural strength and is highly durable.

Commando – When You Need A High-Quality Art Storage Rack

For an Art Storage Rack solution that can provide art galleries and museums with an efficient and flexible way to store their priceless works of art with confidence and peace of mind, get in contact with Commando today.

High-Quality Museum Shelving Systems at Commando

Museums require high-quality and superior shelving systems to ensure that their incredibly valuable and important historical items are kept safe and secure. To find out all the information you require regarding their range of mobile shelving systems, visit their website today.

Efficient Commercial Shelving in Melbourne at Commando

When it comes to the problem of having efficient commercial shelving that can store a variety of bulky and highly valuable items. Commando provides the solution in the form of commercial shelving in Melbourne. To learn more about regarding their vast range of storage solutions, visit the website today.

In order to create an efficient storage space, businesses need to utilise metal shelving in Melbourne to their advantage. There are various types of metal shelving are Metal Wire Shelving, Metal Maxx Mobile Shelving, Metal Longspan Shelving, Metal Moduline Shelving etc. To know more read the full blog.

Storage Systems for Museums to Protect & Preserve Their Inventory

When looking for high-quality museum storage shelving systems to protect your priceless inventory from the 10 Agents of Deterioration, turn to the storage system experts at Commando. To view their complete range of museum mobile shelving, visit their website today.

Museum Mobile Storage Systems and the 10 Agents of Deterioration

High-quality mobile storage systems play an important role for museums in ensuring that their irreplaceable items are secure and protected when in storage. To ensure your priceless and irreplaceable items are secure, protected and preserved when in storage, search online for a mobile storage systems provider today. To know more, read the full blog.

Plan File Cabinets & Drawers | Commando Storage Systems

Australian Made Plan File Cabinets and Drawers. Commando Storage Systems manufacture high quality plan cabinet storage systems and a range of steel drawers. At Commando Storage Systems, they provide strong and durable plan cabinets in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney & across Australia. To know more, visit the website.

Effective Mobile Shelving for Museums at Commando

If you are in need of effective and high-quality museum mobile shelving, turn to the storage system experts at Commando. With a wide range of cabinets, lockers, art storage systems, shelving and more, contact Commando or visit their website today for more information.

Where To Find High-Quality Library Shelving In Melbourne

Libraries require highly efficient storage systems that are highly versatile and built to last. When libraries need high-quality Australian made library shelving in Melbourne, they turn to the leading storage solution providers at Commando. To know more, visit the website.

Commando- The Best Steel Lockers in Melbourne

Commando manufactures all their storage systems with only high-quality. All their steel lockers are made with 100% recyclable steel, which is the most recycled material in the world. To discover a high-quality range of storage systems, mobile shelving and steel lockers in Melbourne, contact the storage professionals at Commando. Visit their website or call 03 9303 5999 for a free quote today.

Why You Need a Tambour Sliding Door Storage Cabinet

When a business requires an effective storage solution, there is a vast selection of different storage and shelving systems available on the market. However, when it comes to needing a storage system for smaller items such as important files, stationery and binders, a tambour sliding door storage cabinet is ideal. For more information, visit the website.

Quality High Density Storage Cabinets for any Industry

Every industry, regardless of being large or small, requires effective and versatile storage to meet their daily needs. Commando has a quality range of high density storage cabinets designed for a wide range of commercial applications, including personal applications. Contact 03 9303 5999 today or visit their website for more information about their range of storage systems.

Partitioned Drawers | Commando Storage Systems

Drawer Dividers provides pigeon hole compartments for partitioned drawers and shelves. Whether it's for keeping important files organised in the office or organising your drawers at home, our drawer dividers can meet your needs. Our solid steel drawer dividers are compatible with Slotted Angle Shelving, Moduline Shelving and Ezi-Glide Office. To know more, visit website.

Commando is one of the leading Australian owned manufacturers and suppliers of mobile shelving storage systems in Melbourne. They have a high-quality range of storage solutions including steel lockers, high-density storage cabinets, longspan shelving, mobile shelving and much more. For more information, visit the website.

High Density Storage Cabinets Use Less Floor Space

As an ideal storage option that allows you to store more inventory while using less floor space, high density storage cabinets are ideal for museums and art galleries. Commando offers a large range of quality mobile shelving and high density storage cabinets that can provide more storage space without the need for more floor space. To know more, visit the website.