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8 traditional dishes of Singapore- The Authentic Flavours

The Singaporean cuisine is as ethnically diverse as its people- thanks to it's melting pot of culture. Here are some of the most authentic flavours you ought to try.


Kaya Toast

This is a thick spread made of jam, eggs and coconuts and can be compared to dulce de leche. It is usually spread on toast and served alongside soft boiled eggs and a cup of coffee as a traditional breakfast meal. It is also a popular dish that is included in almost any menu of the best restaurants in Clarke Quay-the most exciting place for a foodie to be due to the many restaurants and hotels around this area; an example being the Park Hotel Clarke Quay.


Pisang Goreng

A dish that is influenced by the Malays, this is a dish made with fried bananas and is one of the most sought-after comfort foods. They can be eaten on its own or accompanied with either honey, chocolate sauce or even cheese.


Tau Huay

This is a dessert influenced by the Chinese and is made with bean-curd tofu. It can be consumed either cold or hot and can be served along with glutinous rice balls (Tang Yuan) or grass jelly. Recently, a variation of this dessert became quite popular- with a more rich and gelatinous texture and additionally incorporates a fruity flavour- most commonly either mango or melon.


Oyster Omelette

This is an omelette that also combines a generous helping of oysters, flour, coriander leaves and a unique sauce which is spicy and sweet. They can either be crispy or soft and is quite the delicacy that can be found in Taiwanese night markets.


Mee Siam

Meaning "Siamese noodles" is a popular dish among the Chinese and the Muslim community of Singapore. It is a dish made of vermicelli noodles that are soaked in a tamarind flavoured spicy gravy along with fermented bean paste and dried shrimps. It is usually served with beansprouts and boiled egg.


Fried Carrot Cake

This differs from the western dessert and most commonly uses white radish flour and a preserved radish which is what resembles a white carrot and thus, the name. The dish is quite popular in both Malaysia and Singapore. Another variety calls for a sweet sauce made of molasses which gives rise to the black version of the fried carrot cake.



An Indonesian dish that has won the hearts of many Singaporeans, it is one of the most abundantly found street-food item in Singapore. It is basically turmeric-marinated meat on a skewer which is then grilled. They are usually enjoyed with a side of a spicy peanut dip or even included as a part of a set menu with rice.


Curry Puff

A version of a baked pie which is traditionally made using the shortcrust pastry. It is a common snack and the filling is usually a mix of curry chicken gravy, eggs and potatoes. Vegetarian variations include yams as the alternative stuffing.