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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 must Visit Historical Sites in Hong Kong – The Beautiful Land Of Magnificent Attractions

The beautiful land of Hong Kong is a place that is rich with many appeals. This article gives information about 6 popular historical sites that you should not miss when travelling here.


Cheung Po Tsai Cave

The famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave should certainly be included in your travel itinerary in Hong Kong. This remarkable destination has a very interesting story weaved about it. It is said that this cave sheltered one of the most notorious pirates in the South China Sea back in the 18th century. Quite a lot of movies and stories have been told about this famous pirate. It is believed that at one point in time, he commanded 600 ships and 50,000 men!


Kat Hing Wai Walled Village

Kat Hing Wai Walled Village is a remarkable attraction in the country that silently speaks volumes about the colourful history of the land. The village which is over 500 years old is still inhabited by a charming Hakka community. Located just outside Yuen Long the Kat Hing Wai Walled Village offers all who visit it an unforgettable experience for sure!


Kowloon Walled City Park

Make sure you include the iconic Kowloon Walled City Park in your travel itinerary! You will be able to visit this place with great ease when you stay at centrally located hotels in HK Island. Do consider staying at hotels like Silka Tsuen Wan which will help you to enjoy a remarkable travel experience in the country.
The Kowloon Walled City Park is built on a site where darkness and evil flourished in the past. The region was notorious for cruelty and illegal activities. It was known to be a no-go area for many years.


Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

The Lung Yeuk Tau which roughly translates to 'Mountain of the Leaping Dragon' is a place that should not be missed in Hong Kong. The scenic beauty of the attraction captivates all visitors effortlessly. The locals living in the region observe traditional customs like the communal worship sessions fervently to this day.


Tai Fu Tan Mansion

The spectacular Tai Fu Tan Mansion is one of the most beautiful attractions in Hong Kong. It showcases the rich beauty of the region's majestic past. The regal mansion which housed royalty in Hong Kong back in the 19th century deserves the highest admiration. The incredibly beautiful auspicious Chinese woodcarvings of the mansion are marvellous indeed!


Ping Shan Heritage Trail

The beautiful Ping Shan Heritage Trail is yet another attraction that richly deserves a place in your travel itinerary. The area used to be a flourishing market village back in the day. The remnants of the region's past are to be found in abundance in this enchanting destination. You will be able to visit the Ping Shan Heritage Trail with great ease when you are travelling with a reputed tour operator.
Hope the tips above will help you to enjoy a truly marvellous holiday experience in Hong Kong and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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