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Gita Mediquip Pvt Ltd - Best Hospital Furniture Manufacturer

Gita Mediquip Pvt Ltd is a top hospital furniture manufacturer & supplier in Ahmedabad, India since 1987. We offer high-quality medical furniture, ICU Bed, Ward Care equipment, Examination & OT equipment, Bedside furniture & other medical equipment.

Gita Mediquip Pvt. Ltd. is the leading OT equipment manufacturer in India offers the medical equipment that suits the precise needs of various departments of care. We manufacture the various OT equipments such as instrument trolley, drug trolley, surgical instrument trolley, monitor trolley and more.

Hospital Bedside Lockers are used to keep to storage of medicines, records of the patient and other necessary equipments. If you are looking for the quality hospital bedside locker for you hospital, then get in touch with Gita Mediquip Pvt. Ltd.

Gita Mediquip Designs Top-Class Crash Cart Trolley

Crash cart trolley is a set of shelves used in hospitals for transporting medical equipment in the case of emergency. With the help of cutting-edge technology, Gita Mediquip manufactures top-class crash cart trolley for maximum care.

Gita Mediquip is pioneer manufacturer and supplier of OT Equipment & other medical furniture. We offer a range of OT equipment necessary for modern operation theatre in the hospitals. Get in touch with us for high quality & durability hospital furniture.

Gita Mediquip is a leading manufacturer and supplier of examination couch and other medical equipment. We manufacture examination couches that satisfy the needs of various departments. With more than three decades of experience we are serving quality product and comfortable designs that are portable and flexible.

It's time to grab your OT Equipment right immediately at affordable prices. Gita Mediquip manufactures Operation theater equipment and examination couch that suit different needs of various departments of care. We use advance technologies to develop a product for supreme comfort of patient, doctor and other staff members.

Examination Couch is necessary medical equipment, as it is used during medical examination of patient. There are multiple options available in the market, but when it comes to best quality, Gita Mediquip's examination couch is washable, hygienic, stain-resistant, adjustable and easy to maintain.

One method of ensuring safety and precise treatment of the patient is using good quality equipment made from reputed OT equipment manufacturers. Gita Mediquip is the right place to purchase OT equipment at a pocket friendly price. They have a better knowledge of design and produce the latest technological equipment to fulfill specific client demands.

Operation theater is one of the most hygienic places in the hospital. To precise treatment and ensuring the safety of the patient, it is important to get hospital furniture from reliable sources. So it's a perfect time to grab your OT Equipment from Gita Mediquip Pvt. Ltd. at reasonable rates.

Hospital beds come in various categories like general medical beds, ICU beds, patient transport beds, examination couch, labor, and delivery beds, etc. While buying hospital bed you need to consider that all the needs of patients are achieved such as positioning height, head, and feet adjustment.


Hospital Furniture for a Better Patient Care

Gita Mediquip is a well-known manufacturer of hospital furniture in India. We use cutting-edge technology to design the highest standard of hospital furniture. We aim to support and help patients to have a comforting experience.

Gita Mediquip delivers innovative healthcare furniture which is safe and easy at mobility. We offer a wide range of hospital equipment such as plain hospital bed, OT equipment and more that can meet the requirements of clinics and hospitals.


Crash Cart Trolley for Better Care and Comfort

Gita Mediquip provides crash cart trolley with elegant design and gives best experience to medical staff. We provide crash cart trolley with features like four-sided stainless steel railings, six molded drawers and two drawers with utility containers.

How to Maintain Hospital Furniture During this Pandemic

Hospital furniture can be maintained during this COVID-19 breakout. According to top hospital bed manufacturers clean the non-porous items, clean the surfaces before the use of disinfection and disinfect soft items.


World Class OT Equipment for Better Healthcare

Gita Mediquip is a well-known and reputed OT equipment manufacturer in India providing solutions that adds comfort and support. We aim to support caregivers and help patients have a comfortable experience.


Hospital Beds Designed for Your Comfort

Gita Mediquip is one of the top hospital bed manufacturers providing high-end and comfortable hospital furniture. We provide elegant and comfortable furniture such as ICU bed, ward care bed, and medical furniture accessories.

Types of Hospital Beds You Need to Know

Top hospital bed manufacturers make different types of hospital beds for different medical facilities. These tables are manufactured using the latest technologies to give maximum support and comfort to patients.

Trends Shaping Health Care Furniture Designs

Hospital furniture in India is emerging with health care furniture design to provide comfort to patients. Health care furniture has a large impact on the hospital industry to provide comfort, uplifting health care environment and user friendly.

Why quality medical equipments are important?

Whether it is an ICU bed or examination table in your clinic or hospital, it is important to have first-grade medical equipment. Having good quality medical equipment improves your reputation and productivity of your staff.


Reliable Bedside Locker with Smooth Functioning

Gita Mediquip is a well-known hospital bedside furniture manufacturer providing equipment such as hospital bedside locker, tables, etc. We give easy access to the necessary things with our comfortable designed furniture.


World Class OT Equipments by Gita Mediquip

Gita Mediquip is a leading OT equipment manufacturer in India providing solutions that matter for care centers. We provide hospital examination tables and couches that suits your need with comfortable designs.

Coronavirus has affected many nations and the main impact is on buying hospital furniture. It is important to consider a lot of crucial factors such as placing sanitizer everywhere, around bed, hospital examination table, doors, etc.

Tips for Selecting Good Quality Hospital Furniture

There are many hospital furniture and OT equipment manufacturers, but while choosing hospital furniture you should take care of certain things. You should choose furniture that gives comfort to patients and helps to recover faster, see the safety and design of furniture.


Hospital Bed with Unparallel Quality from Gita Mediquip

Gita Mediquip is one of the top hospital bed manufacturers providing quality hospital furniture. We design beds which are elegant and comfortable to patients and help them to recover faster.

Essential Equipment for Operation Theaters in Hospitals

Hospitals must have appropriate OT equipment to ensure the operation is performed safely. There are some medical equipment which must be in operation theatres like operation table, operation theatre lights, anesthesia machine.