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Best spas in Hong Kong - What is the best treatment for you?

While spas are supposed to relax your body and mind, picking the right spa treatment can often be stressful. Here are 8 spa treatments you should try out and the benefits they have.


Hot Stone Massage

Known to help ease aches and pains and decrease stress and anxiety, hot stone massages involve the therapist using smooth heated stones of various sizes and shapes to massage your body or being placed on various parts of your body. The therapist first warms your body up using standards massage techniques and then proceeds to use the stones as part of the massage procedure.


Watsu Massage

The Watsu massage is carried out with the help of warm water and incorporates joint mobilisation, dance, and shiatsu massage techniques. The mix of warm water and the therapist continuously assisting you using massage therapy builds a relaxing state in your body and helps your body heal. As this massage is conducted in water muscles can release easier than it does on land.


Lomi Lomi Massage

This is a Hawaiian massage technique that incorporates the therapist applying deep balanced massage strokes in varying speeds and pressures using his/her hands, forearms and elbows. Oil is applied to the body to help make the massage strokes fluid. This type of massage helps the body's immune, digestive, muscular and vital systems and helps the body achieve a feeling of happiness and inner peace by the end of the massage.



Aromatherapy uses standard massage techniques such as kneading, deep strokes and is carried out with the help of oil made from plant extracts. The skin will absorb the oils and let out an amazing aroma. Depending on how the oil is mixed it can help energise, decongest, calming or cleansing your body; it all depends on what you need!


Indian Head Massage

The Indian head massage is a massage technique based on Ayurvedic healing techniques that help the body to relax and rejuvenate. The therapist will massage the neck, face, shoulders, and head to relieve stress built up in the muscles and tissues of these areas. This massage is great for relief from stress, insomnia, and headaches.


Ayurvedic Massage

A common type of massage that can be found at top hotel companies and their properties similar to Dorsett Hotels & Resorts, improves the health of both spirit and mind. Each massage technique and the oils used for the massage are personalized based on what your body needs. The massage detoxifies your body and helps improve your immune system.


Four Hand Massage

As the name implies this massage is conducted by 2 therapists working together. The 2 therapists will start from each side of the body and use assisted stretching, long strokes, and deep kneading to squeeze every last bit of stress out of your body. This massage targets the body, mind, and soul, and can relieve pain and help blood circulation.


Deep Tissue Massage

If you're trying to recover after an injury, suffer from muscle tension and pain then a deep tissue massage is something you should try. The therapist will use their hands, forearms, elbows, and fingers to apply deep pressure to the affected areas that might cause some discomfort but will help speed up the recovery process.