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Updated by Cricket Stepper on Sep 28, 2019
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Get A Full-body Workout - Cricket Stepper

Our team at Cricket Stepper believe in making it joyful and easy to enjoy exercising. Instead of people compromising their bodies to fit the design, we at Cricket Stepper designed a machine to fit the person. Cricket Stepper is proud of Cricket Stepper’s unique designs, the Cricket Stepper tricycle delivers cardio, shaping and toning.


Look Better, Feel Better, and have fun While Doing it with a Stepper Tricycle

A stepper tricycle is a fairly high tech invention delivered in a familiar package. If you have ever used a stair stepper at the gym and know how to steer and how to stop a bicycle then you already know how to use a stepper tricycle.The steppers forward motion is driven by your stepping. This is ideal because this motion is not only joint-friendly but will also help to build muscle in your posterior chain.

Three Reasons Why People Are Choosing Stepper Workouts in 2019

A stepper workout will ease the burden on your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Exercises like running are very good for your heart and lungs but they can also be hard on new or aging athletes. If you find that high impact workouts do not agree with you, then perhaps consider the benefits of a stepper workout.

The Effective Benefits Of Using Step Exercise Equipment

Exercise is one of the most important activities that you can do with your body. The step bike is a perfect exercise machine for the elderly or people who have fragile bodies and extremities. As you’re in an upward position while on this machine, you’ll be easing the strain that’s caused on joints and extremities.

Useful Guide To Buy The Best Cross Trainer Bike

Cross Trainer Bike is a low-impact exercise machine, meaning that your workouts won’t have a strenuous effect on your joints and extremities. This bike is perfect for the elderly or people in physical rehabilitation.

The Best Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Outdoor Workouts

Cricket Stepper offers the best outdoor fitness equipment for outdoor workouts. This outdoor equipment can be used anywhere and is easily mobile, it is certainly the best outdoor gym equipment around for fun exercise outdoors.

The Benefits Of Using A Step-Cycling Machine

The unique design of the Step-Cycling Machine gives you all the benefits of being in the gym without any of the drawbacks. The cricket stepper is equipped with an electronic display much like the one you would find on a treadmill at the gym, making it simple to track your calories burned, distance, time, and much more.

Improve Your Daily Workouts With Stair Steppers!

The Cricket Stepper is a cross between a bike & a stair stepper, it even comes equipped with a list of new exercising benefits. This machine was designed to offer the most efficient exercise with great results and an enjoyable, fun way to workout! The Cricket Stepper is both a tricycle and an elliptical molded into one easy-to-use device.

The Best Home Exercise Machines to Lose Weight By Cricket Stepper

Are you looking to rapid weight loss machines? Bring home the best machine to burn fat by Cricket Stepper. Now you can get easy weight loss tips and weight management for quick weight loss and bring your body to the right place.