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Update with New Technology Trends

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Google I/O 2019 had an array of announcements for the users & developers. Some of the most interesting features include Google Assistant, Android Q, Pixel 3a, game streaming, ARCore and AI technologies innovations on Google Products.

Innovative Artificial Intelligence is all set to renovate the technical world in 2019

AI systems are deemed to take over any basic human job that needs information collection, surveying or conveying for that matter. From cashiers to receptionists, drivers to the delivery items of the food industry that employs a large number of people, AI is already on track to take over these jobs by either learning machines or robots that are already a threat to all the job holders. AI is presumed to make factories and movie theatres completely automated. The journalists are under threat as well because AI technology is being claimed to gather and transmit information much faster than human ability.

Let's know more about Innovative Artificial Intelligence is all set to renovate the technical world in 2019.

The Next Big Thing Now is to see how Artificial Intelligence Improvises Cloud Computing

It is always attributed to emerging something interesting, when cloud computing, geo-mapping, and machine learning conjoin. Google has been using this updated technology, AI with satellite data, throttling illegal fishing. Adding to it, the technology creates 22 million data a day that addresses the ship’s location on any water body. Now that’s big data! Creating Global Fishing Watch, made things a lot easier, they could now find the position where the fishing is going on or could identify the purpose of the vessel at sea.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning together is a phenomenally in usage through backend in our daily lives. Whether making business decisions or optimizing operations for leading industries, the duo is performing prolifically.

With a lot of the conflicts faced to make a hold in diverse niches, it has made a move towards cloud computing. This would definitely bring a revolutionary change in the face of businesses when using cloud-based solutions over the next couple of years.

Read More: The Next Big Thing Now is to see how Artificial Intelligence Improvises Cloud Computing

IOT, AI, And Blockchain Synergy: What Does The Future Hold?

Technology has played a significant role in gearing millions of businesses to be successful. It started off with the industrial revolution when the world was introduced to steam engines and prototypes of labor reducing machines. Then the telephones came in, connecting businesses and clients across the globe.

Following the arrival of telephones, the computers set foot in late 30s, enabling us to compute a wide range of data, thus increasing work efficiency. Finally, we bumped into the internet. The internet was introduced in the early 90s. It not only revolutionized the business world but also changed the way we perceive information.

Mailing and access to trillions of data were the prime functions of the internet that we got introduced to. Look at it now, you won’t recognize that it is the same platform, just expanded enough to include almost every sphere of life. The Internet has become an indispensable tool without which no business can function efficiently.

let's see in details about IoT, AI, And Blockchain Synergy.

Where Do Cross-Platform App Frameworks Stand in 2020?

The mobile app development framework has always been on the run. Once geared up, never the market has sped down. The incessant competition and number of growing startups have further increased the demand for mobile apps.

Therefore, the android play store and Apple store both started flooding with millions of apps. The plethora of mobile apps makes it more necessary for businesses to stay relevant in the competition. Leaving one platform untouched is meant to leave a huge percentage of customers.

Therefore, the cross-platform app development is midway for grabbing customers with less cost and time. Also, the businesses that do not want to put their presence on risk prefer to go for cross platform apps. Before judging the worth of a cross-platform in 2020, it is better to take the preview of the current market scenario.

Top React Native apps that have ruled the world

Before the process of mobile app development begins, it is essential to decide the mobile application framework. The reason is crystal clear, the more flexible and authentic the app framework is, the more robust the mobile app would be. The nature of today’s mobile technology realm is such that if the framework is not compatible enough to include the updates, the mobile app will fall on the face at the app store. Amidst this, React Native has become one of the go-to platforms for the app developers as it allows the app developers the convenience of coding less and building mobile apps for both the leading mobile OS platforms.

Mobile app development on React Native correlates with the scenario of the modern-day app development and two mobile OS platforms rule the roost that often leaves the organizations bemused. The confusion ranges from deciding the USP to figuring out which operating system would be apt for the mobile app. React Native Development Companies can help the organizations in this situation as the app development done using this framework can efficiently run on both OS with better accessibility to codes. It also acts as a catalyst in speeding up the app development process, thus reducing the time duration of the app development cycle.

We will discuss the list of the table topper mobile apps developed on React Native framework and have done exceedingly well in their genre at the respective app stores.

Top market-leading mobile apps built using React Native Platform

Java Vs Python: Who Bear The Palm In The Tug Of The War?

The comparison, be it of two objects, ideas, or technologies is a thief of joy, but at the same, it’s necessary to identify the perfect ones that match with the goals of businesses or individuals. Similarly, the story of every programing language is unique and incomparable. It’s like the sun and moon that shines but at different time.

However, when it comes to development, the programmers are in the race to create bigger and better apps for the universe, where the selection of one programming language can make or break the success. The selection battle is not less than the top rivalry of Coke and Pepsi where each of the two brands excels in different aspects, have their existing fanbase, and leverage different strategies to stay on the top.

The case of age-old Java and Python is no different where the two languages have managed to survive amidst the advent of new languages and frequent updates. Again, it’s a coding battle, where one defeats other and only one will be declared as a winner.

So, how the developers make this decision? What’s will be the basis of the decision? How one language outweighs other in terms of technical difference, tools, community, innovation, and a lot more? Let’s dive in to get the answer to every possible question.

Python Vs. PHP- The Tug Of The War! Which Is Better To Opt-In 2019?

If you have ever packed in a room with developers and want to be a center of controversy, just declare one language is better than another for backend development. Banners will be raised and soon the discussion room will turn into a battlefield where different developers will be crying for distinct languages that power the front-end and forms the backbone of the website.

Getting the answer for the perfect back-end language is troubling for every business, even when they restrict the discussion to the popular and widely used languages such as .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java to build the website from scratch.

When we look at the web development trends of the last two years, a steep upward trend is witnessed in PHP and Python. Both are considered as the top contenders for the crown of backend programming languages in the hotly contested web space. The Great War between PHP and Python doesn’t seem to end earlier, which makes it difficult to find a clear winner and readily embrace the language.

Here, the one-to-one comparison of the two- Python and PHP will help.

Flutter for Startups - Why companies are excited about it? - App Development Flutter

Many entrepreneurs start with the dream of becoming the next Uber or Airbnb of the startup world. There are many hurdles which the startups need to face in their journey. In this world of high competition, startups need to be nimble-footed, changing their product according to the demands of the customers as well as the updates released by their competitors.

Choosing the technology on which your mobile app will be based is the first step towards startup success. Flutter has all the requirements to become your preferred technology for developing your app. Let's discuss!

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development: A Good Idea Or Not?

The year after another, the technology evolution that brings staggering promises and opportunities on the top of the table also brings uncertainty in another hand. From the outset, every new technology existence keeps lurking in the dark unless it takes the center stage and scores immense popularity. At the same time, the likelihood of technology to get obsolete soon discourages its adoption. Flutter- the not-so-old kid on the development language block share the resemblance to it.

A year before, Google announced Flutter 1.0 to build a beautiful user experience in the mobile landscape. The open-source SDK was warmly-embraced to develop front-end in the cross-platform applications. Later, the beta version 1.2 was rolled out to let the developers start building mobile applications using Flutter. Afterward, a steady rise in the Flutter-based apps is seen in the play store.

In the recent Google I/O 2019, Flutter gain enough attention with several improvements, added support for Chrome OS apps development, the new preview version of Flutter for the web, and the Dart 2.3 release with support for UI-as-code features.

In a nutshell, the continuous evolution and upgradation of technology have supercharged Flutter with all the elements that make it a perfect fit for the app development. But, every coin has two faces, you as a developer or entrepreneur must be aware of the advantages and risks that come with Flutter adoption. Let's See in details "Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development: A Good Idea Or Not?"

CodeIgniter vs Laravel, which is a better framework?

PHP is one of the most favored languages in a web development scenario today. This popularity has led to a rise in the number of PHP frameworks, which makes it easier for the expert PHP Developers to build a feasible solution for the business requirements. Codeignitor and Laravel are two such popular PHP frameworks with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

In this post, we will discuss the features and differences between these two PHP frameworks and try to ascertain where to use these frameworks more optimally.

The Cloud infrastructure race who is better: AWS or Azure?

The dawn of cloud computing has proven to be an essential event in this digital era. Having an on-site data centre is not a necessity now. It has led to substantial cost savings and improved agility for organizations.

A new model of business has emerged called the Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model. Here a third-party service provider takes care of providing hosting, maintaining core infrastructure which includes hardware, software, storage and servers for the customer.

With competition rife amongst the “Big Three” of the cloud computing world, customers are bound to benefit. In this article, we shall compare the three cloud services provided by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Top Mobile Game Engines & Development Platforms

Mobile game development companies should have a thorough knowledge of the platform on which they are planning to develop the game. Factors like having a large developer community, easy to code, working on both the OS platforms (Android and iOS) must be some of the key features that should be looked at. Moreover, the platform should be such that it should support native as well as cross platform mobile gaming apps.

Keeping all these in mind, we have prepared a full-throttle list of mobile game development platforms that are in trend and can help you in developing the best gaming product for the targeted audience.

Take a look at the Game Developers’ most preferred Platform & Engines

How React Native will help in reducing mobile cost

React Native is a cross platform app development framework that helps the app developers to make eye-catching cross platform apps. It was released by Facebook and is a more accessible medium to develop cross platform apps to mobile app development companies. A cross-platform of Hybrid app is compatible with many platforms which include Android and iOS platforms.

Earlier if a business needed to deploy its app on two of the world's most popular app platforms:- Android and iOS, then they would need to develop separate apps for both Android as well as iOS. These apps were called as native apps. Building a React Native app is much more cost-effective than building native apps; let's see how.