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Where Do Cross-Platform App Frameworks Stand in 2020?

The mobile app development framework has always been on the run. Once geared up, never the market has sped down. The incessant competition and number of growing startups have further increased the demand for mobile apps.

Therefore, the android play store and Apple store both started flooding with millions of apps. The plethora of mobile apps makes it more necessary for businesses to stay relevant in the competition. Leaving one platform untouched is meant to leave a huge percentage of customers.

Therefore, the cross-platform app development is midway for grabbing customers with less cost and time. Also, the businesses that do not want to put their presence on risk prefer to go for cross platform apps. Before judging the worth of a cross-platform in 2020, it is better to take the preview of the current market scenario.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel, which is a better framework? - TopDevelopers.Co

PHP is one of the most favored languages in a web development scenario today. This popularity has led to a rise in the number of PHP frameworks, which makes it easier for the expert PHP Developers to build a feasible solution for the business requirements. Codeignitor and Laravel are two such popular PHP frameworks with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Here we will discuss the features and differences between two PHP frameworks, Codeignitor and Laravel, and try to ascertain where to use these frameworks more optimally.

Do we need Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? -

Top UI and UX designers are excited about a breakthrough in mobile web development.This breakthrough allows them to augment pages, reducing throughput, and enabling mobile users to get an experience that is closer to the one they get on their computers. The developers are looking forward to this new technology because it solves a significant problem for them.
With the rising penetration of mobiles, a peculiar problem has emerged. The speed with which the mobile pages used to load has decreased. As more and more people are joining the digital revolution by accessing their favourite websites from mobiles, the website needs to be a lot more capable in order to cater to the needs of everyone. To solve this problem, Google has come forward with a revolutionary new technique of building websites.
AMP can prove to be the game-changer in web development, but is it for you? Let's find out.

Google I/O 2019 Lay Bare The 11 Cool Announcements Of The Year

Google I/O 2019 had an array of announcements for the users & developers. Some of the most interesting features include Google Assistant, Android Q, Pixel 3a, game streaming, ARCore and AI technologies innovations on Google Products.

Java Vs Python: Who Bear The Palm In The Tug Of The War?

The comparison, be it of two objects, ideas, or technologies is a thief of joy, but at the same, it’s necessary to identify the perfect ones that match with the goals of businesses or individuals. Similarly, the story of every programing language is unique and incomparable. It’s like the sun and moon that shines but at different time.

However, when it comes to development, the programmers are in the race to create bigger and better apps for the universe, where the selection of one programming language can make or break the success. The selection battle is not less than the top rivalry of Coke and Pepsi where each of the two brands excels in different aspects, have their existing fanbase, and leverage different strategies to stay on the top.

The case of age-old Java and Python is no different where the two languages have managed to survive amidst the advent of new languages and frequent updates. Again, it’s a coding battle, where one defeats other and only one will be declared as a winner.

So, how the developers make this decision? What’s will be the basis of the decision? How one language outweighs other in terms of technical difference, tools, community, innovation, and a lot more? Let’s dive in to get the answer to every possible question.

Python Vs. PHP- The Tug Of The War! Which Is Better To Opt-In 2019?

If you have ever packed in a room with developers and want to be a center of controversy, just declare one language is better than another for backend development. Banners will be raised and soon the discussion room will turn into a battlefield where different developers will be crying for distinct languages that power the front-end and forms the backbone of the website.

Getting the answer for the perfect back-end language is troubling for every business, even when they restrict the discussion to the popular and widely used languages such as .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java to build the website from scratch.

When we look at the web development trends of the last two years, a steep upward trend is witnessed in PHP and Python. Both are considered as the top contenders for the crown of backend programming languages in the hotly contested web space. The Great War between PHP and Python doesn’t seem to end earlier, which makes it difficult to find a clear winner and readily embrace the language.

Here, the one-to-one comparison of the two- Python and PHP will help.

Top Mobile Game Engines & Development Platforms

Mobile game development companies should have a thorough knowledge of the platform on which they are planning to develop the game. Factors like having a large developer community, easy to code, working on both the OS platforms (Android and iOS) must be some of the key features that should be looked at. Moreover, the platform should be such that it should support native as well as cross platform mobile gaming apps.

Keeping all these in mind, we have prepared a full-throttle list of mobile game development platforms that are in trend and can help you in developing the best gaming product for the targeted audience.

Take a look at the Game Developers’ most preferred Platform & Engines

How technology is transforming the Insurance Industry?

Digital innovations are changing the landscape of every industry. Even the Insurance Industry is not untouched from this wave of change. As with any new technology, those who adapt will have a better chance of survival and success. In this article, we shall review the possibilities of Digital Technologies in the Insurance Sector and also see some practical applications already in use in the Insurance Industry.

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How Integrating Workforce Flexibility In The Culture Set The Scene For Success? - TopDevelopers.Co

Know how workforce flexibility integrating helps your organization for growth and enhance productivity.
Millennials entry in the workforce has driven in the concept of workforce flexibility, which has later become a strategic move for talent management (Attract, engage, and retain the talent), meeting globalization needs, enhancing productivity, bringing work-life balance, improving customer service, and cost-saving with good ROI.
There are ample of progressive organizations such as Unilever, Microsoft, DELL, and Virgin that are advocating the flexible workforce and enjoying the advantages of flexibility in abundance.
However, there is a caveat, managing the remote workforce who work according to their schedule and ensuring the employees are just working on the project during working hours is a little tricky. But, the challenges outweighs the opportunities and benefits that are linked with flexibility. The result? The managers’ job will get difficult but the output is worth it.
So make your managers and employees view flexibility as a mutually beneficial process, which in turn, makes the organization successful.
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The buzz around 64-bit Architecture for Mobile Applications: Everything you need to know -

The 64-bit transition was imminent as the gains made in speed, efficiency and cost-savings far outweigh the likely troubles to be faced by the app developers. Google announcement on this will be followed closely by the developers. The future is 64-bit, and you will need to build 64-bit apps if you want to future proof your app. An excellent mobile app development company will guide you in building efficient 64-bit apps.
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The seven wonderful mobile apps every CEO would want | TopDevelopers.Co

Mobile apps and mobile technology can prove to be an absolute boon if used in the correct manner. For a CEO certain mobile apps for work can prove to be the best ally he/she is looking for. The realm of mobile apps and digital technology is here to stay and it is up to us to make the full usage of it and it applies for CEOs specifically as they have to not only work but lead with example.
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The Common Mistakes That Companies Make While Moving Into The Agile Orbits — TopDevelopers.Co

The abundance of benefits and great flexibility are pushing the companies to implement an agile framework in software delivery and business environments with a big-bang transformation. However, the IT leaders from large enterprises to small-medium sized businesses struggle to integrate agility across the business, avail the dynamic opportunities and resolve the challenges coming to the fore.
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Onwards and Upwards: The rise of voice technology and how brands can benefits from it - TopDevelopers.Co

Voice technology is a method of using the technology for authentic search results which is built on the base of the interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Experience (UX) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Since its inception, the rise of voice technology has been outstanding. Data shows that 50% of all the searches on internet will be through voice in 2020. Voice technology is a fine blend of technical marvel and human voice which plays an important role in enhancing the user’s experience. Moreover, as there is lots of advancement in the voice technology by app development firms, we are bound to see some exciting innovations on both the technical side and also on the front of enhancing the user experience.

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The Impact of Mobile Technology in the life of a User |

Mobile technology with its mobile apps has been instrumental in imparting a positive impact on the life of the users and taking the society forward.
Let's understand it in brief: The Impact of Mobile Technology in the life of a User

Top 15 Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Applications -

List of some useful JavaScript Frameworks and libraries for website, web apps, and mobile apps development, that developers should know about to make selection easier.

Welcome to the era of Technology and Business Convergence

In this digital era, technology plays a crucial role in the development of business experience. No matter how big or small your business is, technology gives you both tangible and intangible benefits to make money efficiently, and meet your customers’ demand. Having a good technological infrastructure ensures enriching the culture, efficiency, and relationships of the business. In the last two decades, technology has changed the way we interact, shop, see, observe, research, and even the way we do business. Today, everything a business needs has become more accessible because of advancement in technology. One of the most obvious benefits of technology in business is the increased productivity or lower cost structure. Lets learn about Some of the applications of technology in a successful business...

How to implement Optical Character Recognition technology? -

In the era of Artificial Intelligence, OCR technology has increased its quality, speed, and use cases. It’s not about recognizing printed texts anymore, but hand-written documents, road signs, characters on pictures in the wildcare plates, IDs data, and much more.
OCR technology is implemented by applying technologies like ML, AI & Data Science. Implementing OCR as a process returns the value depending upon the scanned data set.
Let's have a look as to How to implement Optical Character Recognition technology?

7 Reasons Why Integrating Behavior Sciences Can Benefit Your Business -

Behavior Science is fueling growth for the businesses by integrating an innovative approach that leads to the targeted audience and customers.
Behavioral Science is the study of how humans behave and why they do what they do. It is a broad domain that combines insights from a wide range of interdisciplinary fields and considers numerous factors such as economic, social, geographic, cultural, and psychological to draw a conclusion.

The human brain is one of the most complex structures in the world and behavioral science helps you understand how it works. This allows brands to understand the needs of consumers in a better way to create and deliver solutions that will fulfill those needs. Moreover, it also helps them in establishing their brand identity and boosting brand perception.

If businesses want to get inside the head of their customers and know what they think about their products and how they make purchase decisions, they will have to learn the consumer instincts and implement the aspects of behavioral science in their business processes. If you are still not sure whether you should take behavioral science and psychological factors seriously while making business decisions, then this article will help you learn why it is a better idea…

In this article, you will learn about seven solid reasons why integrating behavioral science elements into your business can accelerate business growth.

.NET will assist the growth of Enterprise Applications -

A discussion on .NET Framework and the most significant benefits of using them for enterprise web application development. Know how .NET core helps to make highly resourceful web applications.
Over the past few years, we have seen a steep rise in the process of web application development as now, web developers have a plethora of technologies to choose from. There are open source technologies such as PHP and JAVA, and some of the closed source technologies like.NET. In earlier times, businesses never had access to customized enterprise solutions, and it made them spend very high on the production cost to get the desired results.

.NET is one of the most prominent frameworks which has all the ingredients to develop state-of-art astonishing enterprise web apps.

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The Essence and Importance of Technology from Mobile’s Perspective -

Mobile technology has perhaps been the most significant human invention in recent years added by some innovations that has made a huge impact on mankind.
Mobile technology has also been instrumental in justifying the famous quote, the best way to predict the future is to create it. It has left no stone unturned in making the world a better place with all the basic amenities stuck together. Initially, mobile technology was just thought as a tool for making our life easier, but with the passing time and its constant evolution, it has become almost an integral part of our life. Whether it is booking a flight ticket, or ordering food or even buying clothes, mobile apps and technology together are everywhere providing the best possible services to their customers.

With a larger screen, better-operating processors and amazing internet connections, mobile technology is making mend for almost everything related to the daily life and are quickly replacing the bulky devices. And by looking at the present, the future also promises to be pretty effective, diverse and rollicking.

Let us now see the ways that show the essence and importance of Technology from the Mobile’s perspective.

Changing the world with their Intellect and Smile: Top Women Entrepreneurs -

Mobile technology has been the fulcrum to women entrepreneurs and empowerment raising the bar to the next level adding to the number of opportunities.
With the advent of technology more so the mobile technology, the startup scene has seen an upsurge around the world, especially in the developing countries. More and more women are coming to the fore with their creative ideas and amalgamating them perfectly with the technology.

Let us focus on how technology has made it possible for the women to chase their dreams and be the best at what they do.

So, it is apt to look at how technology has increased the number of women participation and made them successful entrepreneurs and allowed them to change the world for good.

Top Mobile Applications for US Presidential Election -

Find the best mobile apps for the US presidential election as you can track live polls, countdown, and debates. Stay up to date with these popular US elections tracking applications and answer who will be the US President in.

The Future of the Internet - What are Gs and How Long will They Count? -

A peek into the History and Future of the internet with brief insights on how the changing technologies have paved the path and changed the lives of humankind.

Have you ever explored those nine dots on your Google account? -

Google Waffle or App Launcher helps you to get access to your usual Google Apps, Manage Google Account, and receive notifications by Google Apps.
The grid of the nine small boxes that are found on the top right corner of the browser when using various Google products like Google Chrome and Gmail is popularly known as the “Waffle”. Google, on the other hand, prefers to call it the “App Launcher Icon”. This is the place to visit for users who like to unearth gems.

Here are a few Google services you can access through those nine dots.