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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 Best Eateries in Vietnam - For the foodies!

Vietnamese cuisine is becoming world-famous and rightfully so. If you're wondering which dishes to try out when in Vietnam take a quick look at this list highlighting the best of the best.


Banh Mi

Banh Mi is another excellent dish that needs to be tried out when cruising through Vietnam. This snack came from the south and is basically a sandwich. You'll see people grabbing this very famous snack from street side vendors dotted across the roads and streets. The snack is basically a baguette that has a filling of a variety of meat, cucumbers, and some savoury edibles. Besides, if you are looking for a service apartment in Hai Phong for accommodation when gallivanting around Vietnam, you can start looking at properties the likes of Somerset Central TD Hai Phong City for a good experience.



This is very famous, not only in Vietnam but in all Vietnamese restaurants, all around the world. However, having the Pho in Vietnam, in its homeland, is a whole new experience. The noodle soup is a brilliant dish and is made differently depending on which part of Vietnam you are tasting it in. In Hanoi, which is the birthplace of this dish, the French broth the noodle is served in has excellent flavours that come about during the process of simmering. In Saigon, the dish is a little bit different and has a richer flavour served with sweet and hot condiments and tasteful herbs. You can order Pho with chicken or beef.


Egg Coffee

Are you a fan of coffee? Well then, when you are in Vietnam you can experience something quite unique involving coffee. It's called Egg Coffee. This is a dessert dish and not really a beverage. The egg coffee is made out of egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar and is like a creme brulee. If you are in Hanoi, you can check out Cafe Giang for some excellent egg coffees.


Bun Cha

This is another local favourite that must be tried. And it's world famous. How did it achieve this status? Well, is due to the advertising of the former President Obama and Bourdain. They loved the dish involving vermicelli noodles that was serviced into bowls brimming in a variety of ground meat. On top of that, the dish comes with its own savoury sauces made out of vinegar, fish sauce and sugar. When you order this dish, you should make sure to mention to the waiter to add a variety of greens. You can choose lettuce, bean sprouts, cilantro, banana blossoms and shiso, which will make the dish wholesome and healthy.


Bun Bo Hue

Another dish worthy of mentioning is the Bun Bo Hue. Well, you are in Asia, therefore you can expect some wonderful noodle dishes. The dish infused ingredients like shrimp paste, lemongrass, lime juice and so on. Some people also opt for pig's blood to add more flavour. The Dong Ba Market is the place to go to find some amazing bowls of Bun Bo Hue.