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Headline for 04 Must visit places when in Pasikudha – How to make the most out of your trip to Pasikudha
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04 Must visit places when in Pasikudha – How to make the most out of your trip to Pasikudha

The eastern coast of Sri Lanka is adorned by two beaches, and one of them is Pasikudha. Boasting the longest shallow coastline in the world, it is an idyllic destination for a swimming and other water related activities..


Batticaloa Lagoon and Batticaloa Dutch Fort

When it is a discussion about places to visit in Pasikudha, one cannot forget Batticaloa Lagoon. A 7-hour drive from Colombo is Batticaloa, and a few more files further is the Batticaloa Lagoon. The lagoon is composed of several islands including Bone Island, Buffalo Island and Puliyantheevu. To travel back and forth, there are bridges that interconnect the islands – Lady Manning Bridge is said to be the biggest bridge which is found at Kallady. If you visit Kallady between the months of April and September, you can hear the musical vibration coming from under the water dispensed by the singing fish everybody's heard so much about. If you enjoyed knowing about the Batticaloa Lagoon, now it's time for you to explore a bit of the history of the town. Located at the centre of the town, Batticaloa Dutch Fort was built in 1628 by the Portuguese and later captured by the Dutch. The fort flanked by the lagoon is soon to be converted into a conference hall and a museum.


Whale watching, Trincomalee

In addition to the singing fish and comfortable hotels in Pasikuda – especially the ones that can be likened to Amaya Beach Pasikudah – you can make a little detour and go whale watching in Trincomalee. The country's been grabbing everyone's attention as a hotspot for whale and dolphin watching – Trincomalee lives up to that reputation. If you travel between March and August, you have a higher chance of sighting Dolphins, Blue Whales and Sperm Whales.


Archaeological sites in Polonnaruwa

On your way to Pasikudah, you could make a stop in Polonnaruwa for an excursion among the ancient ruins. Found within the cultural triangle, the archaeological sites in Polonnaruwa go back in time about a staggering 2500 years. It is about an hour drive to Pasikudah which is what it takes to explore the ruins of statues, temples, royal gardens and other religious buildings. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is admired by everyone and your trip to Pasikudah is an excellent opportunity for you to relish in beauty of one of the ancient kingdoms in Sri Lanka.


Minneriya National Park

It is a little further away from Pasikudah, but a trip to Minneriya National Park is sure worth all that trouble. One of the main wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, it was established as a national park in 1997 to make a home for many endangered species. Among the mostly spotted are wild elephants but if you are in luck, you can witness many other endemic species as well – the other species include Sri Lankan Axis deer, Sri Lankan leopard, porcupines, crocodiles and and sloth bears. The park is also a natural habitat for many migratory and endemic bird species.