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5 amazing dishes of Otaru - And where to try them!

If you're looking to unravel the food scene in Otaru, here are five places to taste the five best dishes in town.



Everybody loves a well-plated seafood dish and if you're in Otaru, diving into the seafood world is a must. Besides, Japan loves its sushi, one of the best places to try sushi in Otaru is the famous Masazushi restaurant. It serves good quality sushi dishes where the prices are quite affordable. You can expect them to charge about 4000 yen for an exquisite meal. À la carte options are also available for you to choose from. However, people tend to have one course of meal where they try the best seasonal fishes as sushi.


Ramen Shodai

Another outstanding restaurant worthy of mentioning in Otaru is Ramen Shodai. And as the name suggests, you can expect to eat a truly exquisite bowl of Ramen. When in Asia, ramen is a must try. Besides, the ramen of Hokkaido has earned a good reputation throughout the country. Some even call it the best ramen you'll ever taste in Japan. If that's the case, then trying ramen here, should top your list of things to do when in Otaru. Try a soy-based ramen dish, which is the ramen dish the place is most famous for. For a traditional styled ramen dish, the Miso ramen is the one to opt for.



Some of us like our dairy products and Hokkaido is considered the land of all things dairy in Japan. The place is also famous for sweets. Therefore, if you happen to be visiting Hokkaido, you know what to expect. They do specialise on sweets that are made out of cream, milk, and cheese. To taste the ultimate dairy products, you need to head to LeTAO in Otaru, especially if you're an ardent lover of cake. You can try some of the best chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, rich puddings, and cookies here. All made to satisfy your sweet tooth. Besides, if you're are looking for places to stay in Hokkaido, then you can check out properties the likes of Grand Park Otaru for a good experience.



You might know Naruto as popular anime. In Otaru, however, Naruto is one of the most famous restaurants that serve some of the best chicken-based dishes. On top of that, the prices are affordable. You can order a meal with one half of a chicken with a price tag as low as 1,200 yen. The chicken is served with a portion of rice, tofu, wakame soup, and pickles. And the chicken is fried till its crispy on the outside and juicy and tender in the inside. What more? The chicken is jam-packed with flavour!


Aotsuka Shokudo

Another place worthy of mentioning for seafood is the Aotsuka Shokudo. You can try this place for all kinds of seafood, whether you prefer the raw ones or the grilled ones. It has an excellent collection of seafood. The popular dish here is the kaisendon which is basically a bowl of seafood. Another dish to try out when at this restaurant would be the grilled fish set.

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