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Corporate Finance Advisory

We have the right blend of people with requisite skills to render corporate finance advisory that helps you to enhance business finance strategies.

Risk management services, Business Advisory and Compliance

Our risk management services deploy multidisciplinary teams of professionals experienced in financial assessment, IT, fraud analytics, risk assessment, etc.

We are a leading tax consultant in Mumbai offering financial advisory services including tax consultancy & restructuring, merger and acquisitions, risk management, Tax Regulatory and advisory, FEMA compliances & Branch Assistant, Statutory Audit and Assistant, Compliance & Secretarial Services, corporate finance services, International tax consulting and much more.

Corporate Finance Advisory, Private Equity and Advisory

We have the right blend of people with requisite skills to render corporate finance advisory that help you to enhance business finance strategies.Finance forms a basic ingredient for any growth objective. Corporate Finance is very muddled, uncommonly to an association or an individual simply being a fresher and in this manner comes the possibility of Corporate Finance Advisory. The essential belief system behind this is the variety of advisory services that are offered to the MNCs and aggregates about the financial aspects of activities. Such services may either be given by Boards of the organizations comprised especially to give shape to this thought or by the body of experts, being specialists. Moreover, among the various financial services, which one is the most appropriate for a specific organization is best made a decision by Corporate Finance Advisory. We have the right blend of people with requisite skills to render corporate finance advisory that helps you to enhance business finance strategies.

Compliance and Secretarial Services, Incorporation services

Prakash Jhunjhunwala and Co. deliver professional Indian compliance and secretarial services that keep your business compliance in supremacy condition.

How Risk Management Services Helps in Eliminating Potential Business Risk

Managing risk is one of the crucial factors within a business and has many legal consequences. It is the process that involves the identification of the risk and then managing that risk by…

PRAKASH JHUNJHUNWALA & CO LLP are Top CA Firm in Mumbai offers professional, high quality, full advisory services which acts as an effective extension of the client’s business and influence the upcoming challenges and deliver profitable results.

Taxation Regulatory and Advisory Services — An Overview

Taxation is a very crucial part of any business, It is a statute created by the government which is mandatory to follow the business owners to maintain the economic balance of a particular country…

Why Do Businesses Need Risk Management Services? - Riya Sharma - Medium

Risk management basically means to assess, analyze and control any possible threats and mishappenings to a business organization. Risk management in a planned manner can prove as a big advantage to…

GST Consultants in Mumbai | Prakash Jhunjhunwala & Co. LLP

We are one of the leading GST consultants in Mumbai, provide end to end solutions to maintain a good GST compliance rating by a comprehensive understanding.

International Tax Consulting Firm

Everyone feels that a Chartered Accountant is a person who is needed just once in a year for filing our returns and paying our taxes which is a huge misconception.

Taxation Regulatory & Advisory Services | Prakash Jhunjhunwala and Co.

We provide taxation regulatory & advisory services in respect of corporate and International taxation, and GST that help you to maintain ethical standards.

Reasons To Hire A GST Consultant For Your Business In India

The economic system of India went through a big revolution in 2016 when goods and services tax reform was introduced and implemented. The GST law was implicated in all big and small businesses in the country. Therefore, the finance and revenue system in several companies was majorly affected. This is when the need for GST consultants arose so that they could deal with all the troubles management owners were faced with all the norms of GST implication.

Top CA Firm in Mumbai – How to Get It

Mumbai is one of the largest cities of India having a number of financial hubs and it is also home to big companies. With the establishment of businesses and companies, the management of their accounts is a crucial part to run a business with proficiency. So, they always need a Top CA firm in Mumbai or nearby to manage all monetary responsibilities of a business. There are a number of CA firms available in Mumbai offering almost all kind of services related to business, whether it is taxation or financial management or anything else.