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How to get the attention you deserve

One of my first ever guest posts - over at the blog.

Why Aren't You Owning It?

inspired by @mayareguru!

5 Social Media Lessons From Tim Burton - Pushing Social

[A Guest Post from @MargieClayman] Not many people have neutral feelings when it comes to Tim Burton - people either love him or hate him. He's such a

How to Blog, Muppet Show-Style : @ProBlogger

This guest post is by Marjorie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. There are a lot of things that shows like Friends ...

Will Your Blog Be Big? Or Great? : @ProBlogger

This guest post is by Marjorie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. Recently, it was announced that Richard Thompson was going to ...

Online Success Need Not Be Measured in Enemies : @ProBlogger

This guest post is by Margie Clayman of One of my favorite Elvis Costello choruses goes like this: “What’s ...

7 Social Media Lessons From Phil Collins

Regardless of how you feel about Phil Collins, there are 7 lessons for Social Media that we can glean from his career and subsequent retirement.

Don’t Tell Me I’m Wasting My Time

In social media, everyone's a student and everyone's a teacher, reminds Margie Clayman who's sick of people telling her she's wasting time writng 101 blog posts

The Online World is Breeding Cowardice | Business Unplugged | Carol Roth

Awhile back, I was privileged to get a comment from Mr. Jay Baer on one of my posts. I adore Jay – he’s a no-nonsense guy who does his thing and does it bet

The Ten Songs the Rolling Stones Wrote About Social Media — Danny Brown

The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the history of music. Here, Margie Clayman shares their expertise in social media.

Are Women Really More Charitable Than Men? | Inspiring Generosity

Margie Clayman takes a look at the studies saying women tend to be more charitable than men. Do you think this is a generalization?

For Women, Maybe NPOs Are About Passion, Not Money | Inspiring Generosity

In honor of Women's History Month in March, we asked Margie Clayman to look into why so many women work in the nonprofit world. Here's her thought-provoking answer.

A Woman of Excellence: Luma Mufle | Inspiring Generosity

In honor of Women's History Month this month, we're profiling women who've made a difference in their communities. This week is the story of Luma Mufle.

Shining the Spotlight on Estrella Rosenberg | Inspiring Generosity

Our third in a series of posts profiling kick-butt women in social good today. Estrella Rosenberg founded Big Love Little Hearts. Here's her story.

The Power of the Handwritten Note | Inspiring Generosity

Margie Clayman describes the advantages of sending a personalized handwritten note to donors.

Fighting Breast Cancer One Tutu At A Time | Inspiring Generosity

Margie Clayman shines the spotlight on the Tutu Project and the Carey Foundation.

50 Causes to Support this Holiday Season! | Inspiring Generosity

If you're trying to decide what organization(s) you want to support this holiday season, Margie Clayman has 50 suggestions for you.

10 Good Deeds in 10 Minutes | Inspiring Generosity

Got ten minutes? Here are ten good deeds you can accomplish in that time, and with an investment just $31 total.

Women with Drive and the Value of Long-Tail donations | Inspiring Generosity

Margie Clayman explains how organizations like Women With Drive can show appreciation to donors even though instant gratification may not be possible.

Invest in Women, Invest in the Future | Inspiring Generosity

Margie Clayman describes how investing in women can represent an investment in the future, especially in developing countries.

Shining the Spotlight on Molly Cantrell-Kraig | Inspiring Generosity

The fourth in this series profiling kick-butt women in social good is about Molly Cantrell-Kraig, who started a nonprofit to help career women catch a ride.

Miracle Max Presents 11 Things That Aren’t Quite Dead by @margieclayman | Spin Sucks

Everyone is busy declaring things dead like the Internet, direct mail, and public relations. Miracle Max of the Princess Bride shares his opinion on 11 items and why are not dead.

Five Inappropriate Ways to Respond to Criticism by @margieclayman | Spin Sucks

Criticism can be hard to take. We have to develop thick skins. Guest Margie Clayman uses fictional characters to demonstrate what not to do with criticism.