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10 Tips To Decorate Your Bathroom While Being In Budget

To make the decision making a bit easier for you, below are 10 tips you could use to turn your best bathroom dreams to reality (at friendly cost)


Plan, Plan, Plan!

To avoid costly errors, make sure that way before the actual bathroom decoration project, you have to plan ahead and decide which amongst the bathroom design inspiration available in the internet you would like to achieve.


Start to canvass

Now that you have decided the bathroom styles and designs you would like to achieve, it is time to tour around different premium bathroom brands, through the internet or visiting their showcase areas, and see who amongst them is capable of turning your premium bathroom dream to reality. There are so many options, but you have to choose the best in this field, like the Alchymi bathrooms. Do not focus on the price tag, but the quality.


Focus on updating your toilets and not upgrading them

Expect that when you buy new toilets, you have to spend far more than what you can afford. Instead of buying complete new pieces, why not buy toilet seats and lids from premium bathroom brands. They are not as expensive as a new toilet but the look it will show off is beyond high class.


Paint matters

Painting your toilet with a different shade would make your bathroom look brand new, without breaking your bank account. Painting your bathroom would definitely pave a way to a completely new bathroom look.


Buy second hand

Instead of buying everything brand new, might as well choose from wide array of second-hand items for bathroom, online or in thrift shops. Make sure though that they are still in good quality. Get rid of items that are too old and warped.


Take advantage of the sale!

Even designer bathroom brands are giving away their items at discounted prices. You just have to find out the date when the sale will happen, and make sure to take advantage of it! If your bathroom is not due for a new look as of yet, you can keep the items you purchase for future use.


Do not move to plumb!

One of the most usual mistakes people do when designing bathrooms is moving to plumb. By doing so, you are up for spending fortunes and big bucks. Let the plumbing stay where it is, and just update the fixtures. You would never want to spend all your hard earned money to moving your toilet from the left corner of your bathroom to the right.


DIY is still the best

Doing everything yourself is till the top recommendation for those who want to save up, not only to decorating the bathroom but, to almost all kind of projects. If you can do it, might as well do so.


Do not focus on the price tag

Being in the budget does not mean you have to buy everything cheap. Choosing a premium bathroom brand is still a better option than buying cheap bathroom brands that are only good for a shorter term and will not give you the elegance and beauty you are looking for.


Slow down!

Yes, designing a bathroom can be very exciting, but unfortunately, too much excitement will make you do things by impulse, like buying expensive items, hiring high-end professionals and so on. There is nothing wrong if you purchase a bathroom item from a premium bathroom brand, as long as you thought about it carefully before purchase and you would not get disappointed afterward, then you are still a wise buyer.