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Top 5 Quick Tips on Drawing – for the artist in you!

Drawing is a pastime that many people all over the world enjoy. If you are thinking of becoming a maestro with your pencils, the tips that are given in the article below will surely be useful to you.


Understand that drawing is a skill

Quite often people say that they simply cannot draw. This is a limitation that they conceive in their own minds. Drawing is not a talent that some people are blessed with and others aren't. Drawing is simply a skill that has to be mastered. If you practise hard enough and learn a few tricks, so you will be able to draw professionally with time as well. Be sure to tackle the mental block first. Tell yourself that you too can draw like a professional if you take the effort to learn and practise. This is indeed the very first step in mastering the art of drawing.


Learn how to observe

In order to become a professional artist, you must learn how to observe first. If you can observe the objects that you are planning to draw, you will be able to create a realistic picture for sure. You need to have the patience to do this. 50% of the time that you spend drawing should be devoted to observation. Try to see how professional artists create realistic paintings. If can visit a leading Sri Lanka art gallery if you are travelling in the country and see how beautiful paintings capture realistic scenes so well. The Sri Lankan Art Gallery is a great place to visit to find beautiful paintings done by professionals.
When you observe the object try to figure out the basic shapes in the object as well. This will help you to construct the drawing well. When you sketch the basic shape and then do the necessary contouring it will become easier for you to create a painting that looks realistic.


Pay attention to the basics

You need to pay attention to the basics of drawing in order to master the art. Try to hold the pencil in the right manner when you draw. The way you hold the pencil when you write is different from the way you hold it when you draw. Try to move your shoulder when you draw too so that you will be able to enjoy greater freedom of movement. Instead of using one line to define the object, you can use a series of strokes too. This will enhance your chances of painting a realistic picture.


Follow the same style

You should attempt to stick to a single style when you draw. If you mix and match several drawing styles, your painting will not look neat. If you start the painting with a loose style, stick to the loose style. Similarly, if you start with a tight style, you should do the full painting in the tight style too. Your painting will look professional this way for sure.



Indeed practise makes perfect! So practice all you can!! Don't be disheartened if your paintings don't look great at the start. As with any skill, even painting takes a lot of time to master. If you have the will to keep going and the willingness to learn, you will be able to become a seasoned artist with time!

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