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Updated by Nipunika Suraweera on May 21, 2019
Headline for 5 Savvy Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Memorable - Five Guidelines on How to Enjoy the Perfect Beach Getaway
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5 Savvy Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Memorable - Five Guidelines on How to Enjoy the Perfect Beach Getaway

As one of the most popular holiday options available, beach vacations are a dream come true for all travellers. Here are 5 tips to make your beach getaway the best one yet.


Pick the Right Beach

The first tip for enjoying a blissful beach holiday may seem simple enough but it's one that most travellers ignore entirely when planning a vacation. While all tourists love the peace and tranquillity of a beachside location, one aspect most travellers forget is that not all beaches are created equal. Beaches not only vary in the landscapes in which they are situated but also the amount of privacy and activities on offer. When selecting a beach, make sure it is located in an area that is not too crowded or congested with tourists and locals as nothing can ruin a beach getaway than large crowds. Other facts to consider include access from one's base hotel, as well as other wildlife in the area including birds, dogs and even pets as some beaches allow one to bring along furry friends.


Stay Safe

Protecting oneself during a beach holiday can be a serious matter when skin related diseases, as well as other ailments caused by UVA rays, are part of the equation. Ensure you pack a sunscreen with an SPF index that's higher than 15 to protect the skin and other sensitive areas in the body from sunburn. Those who plan to spend long hours lounging or engaging in water sports and activities on the beach should re-apply sunscreen every few hours and make sure all the exposed areas that are not covered by the bathing suit are well-lathered in the protective liquid. Don't forget to don a pair of Polaroid or prescription sunglasses to protect the eyes while insect repellents should also be on hand for those holidaying in tropical nations.


Clean Up

Holidaymakers should also take care to keep a beach bag to not only protect one's belongings but also to stow trash bags to clean up after the experience. A beach tote is compulsory for all vacationers to keep their reading materials, camera, dry clothes, sunscreen and water bottles away from the sun and from those who would steal or "borrow" the same without consent. Take a few trash bags that fold up tightly to clear away the picnic leftovers, wet swimsuits, food storage items and refreshment bottles and cans so you leave the beach as pristine as you found it.


Hydration is Key

Heat stroke is no laughing matter and those who are planning on spending hours in the sun-kissed landscapes by the beach should make hydration a top priority to avoid any unsavoury holiday incidents and trips to the emergency room. Stay hydrated and cool by carrying bottles of drinking water and consuming the same every half hour or so. If one is playing beach volleyball or similar sports, the need to take water breaks is all the more essential as dehydration can occur with even the slightest exertion when in hot temperatures.


Plan Activities for All Weather Condition

Regardless of whether one is based at the Arie Lagoon or any other similar resort in Negombo or a resort island in the Maldives, bad weather is an aspect we must all contend with during a beach holiday. Prepare for activities in both sunny and rainy conditions by taking along accessories such as an eReader, iPod or tablet loaded with your favourite films to while away the hours if the weather is not ideal for outdoor activity. Similarly, pack sand sculpting tools, frisbees, board games and a pack of cards as these simple items can provide hours of engagement during perfect weather or the worst weather imaginable.