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Best Tourist Activities in the Maldives – The Nation of Islands!

Located in the India Ocean, the Maldives is a country that is made up of 26 atolls and more than a 1000 islands. As a nation, supposedly founded by an exiled Indian Prince, the Maldives is best known for the whitest sandy beaches and the bluest of the blue oceans!



As a country made up of island, water-based activities rate very high on the lots of things that visitors look forward to in the Maldives. Around most of the islands, scuba diving is a premier activity that is facilitated. Depending on what your comfort levels are, you can dive anywhere between 20 to 70 m deep. Depending on what you hope to discover in Poseidon's world, the locations you dive from may be different.

i. Training – if you're a beginner to dividing, then the Maldives is a good place to start to get your diving license.

ii. Sharks! – the Maldives is home to the whale shark and is also one of the few places in the world where you can dive to swim with sharks.

iii. Marine life – the Maldives is teeming with seas of colourful marine life so this won't be an experience you forget anytime soon!



Considering that it is essentially a group of islands, there is a lot of shallow ocean area that you can indulge in if diving is too hardcore and you just want to float underwater. The placement of the islands also means the existence of coral reefs across the sea area of the Maldives giving you the opportunity to swim with, not just sharks, but manta rays, stingrays, sea turtles, Nemo's family members, perhaps Dory as well, if you're lucky! Depending on which atoll you pick, the marine life you encounter will differ so you can have fun island hopping to snorkel as well!


The Cuisine

The Seafood Cuisine at the Maldives is a spectacular affair. One of the Maldives' biggest income avenues is fishing, which is a no-brainer to understand why. The Malé fish market is world famous. One of the greatest things about food, especially the seafood served in the Maldives is that chances are, its likely fresh and served immediately. Most culinary establishments, especially those on the edge of the ocean do this.

Secondly, the Maldives is a tropical country – meaning that there's going to be a lot of fruits that are incorporated into the cuisine. Coconuts, mangoes, papayas and bananas are some crowd favourites that get mixed into savoury dishes, and experience that you must try!

Many of the Maldivian islands feature underwater restaurants as well. So if you're feeling particularly adventurous, be sure to try out an underwater restaurant for a change in your gastronomical journey while on holiday!


Dolphin Spotting

Whales, sharks and Dolphins are a common sight around the Maldives and dolphin spotting cruises and whale watching excursions are another favourite pastimes of the Maldives. One of the things you must remember though is that you need to time these excursions just right, to fit in with whale migration patterns and the weather. But get it right, and that's one memory that is definitely a Kodak moment!


Relaxing – Spas, Luxury Resorts – the works!

Vacations are meant for relaxing, and one of the most irresistible things about the Maldivian beaches is how much it calls out for you to just sit and chillax. The islands in the archipelago of Maldives isn't particularly big. So one thing you can try doing is island hopping, where you get to sample each atoll for its own flavour. While you're at it, you can check out some of the world's greatest spas where you can tear away your stress. Pamper yourself and float on cloud nine!


Where to stay?

The Maldives thrives on visitors like yourself. They're, therefore, always ready to welcome you with open arms. If you're looking for accommodation at a Maldives Resort, then you can always try places like the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, amongst many more.