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Top things to do in Bandarawela

Bandarawela is a beautiful city in the hill country of Sri Lanka which has very pleasant weather and beautiful flowers blooming throughout the year.


Stunning waterfalls

Ravana Ella and Diyaluma Ella are undoubtedly the most picturesque and popular water falls in this region and they are 131 feet and 628 feet in height respectively. You can go to the waterfalls and witness the stunning white cloud flowing from the top to the bottom in an endless motion. You could also climb to the top if you are feeling adventurous but these hikes are not going to be easy as there is no proper route to take and you will have to make you way as you go. Most people prefer to stop by the waterfalls and spend some time in order to capture these beauties.


Have Pol Roti and Plain Tea

If you miss the opportunity to indulge in this divine street food then you have not experienced Bandarawela to its fullest. Pol roti is one of the most common food in Sri Lanka and it is made with wheat flour, scraped coconut, water and salt to taste. It is then flattened like Pita bread, made into a circular shape and then kept on the stove to heat it up. Once the moisture has evaporated and the roti is nice and warm and in an edible stage then the lunu miris, which is a spicy side dish is inserted into the centre of the pol roti. Some even keep two roti together and sandwich the lunu miris. If you are not used to spicy food you need to inquire from the seller if it is spicy and they will adjust it for you. Along with this pol roti have a delightful cup plain tea and you can enjoy Sri Lankan street food to a maximum. Most of the Bandarawela Hotels will have roti at their breakfast buffets as it is one of the most loved food in Sri Lanka.


Visit a tea factory

The main sources of income in Bandarawela are vegetable cultivation and tea plantation. You can go and witness how some of the best tea exported to the world is made in tea factories in Bandarawela. The tea plucking is an age old practise and there are many people who are involved in this industry. The factory tour will begin with the tea plucking and depending on the factory you visit you might even be taught how to do the plucking. You are then given a detailed tour of the process and then the tour is finished with the guests being able to taste a divine cup of tea. If you are staying at the historical Bandarawela Hotel you are able to request the staff to arrange a tea factory tour for you.


Make a trip Ella

Ella is one of the most significant towns around Bandarawela but it has not yet picked up the tourists who flood to the island so it is the perfect location to go in order to experience the life of the locals in the region. There are several small shops and restaurants you can go to and you can walk along the roads while enjoy the weather, food and the people in Sri Lanka. Ella is close to Bandarawela which makes it the perfect location for a day trip.