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10 Top Thailand Packing List Items – Seeing Thailand

Beaches, street food, alternating cultures and aesthetically pleasing age-old architecture combine to make Thailand a wondrous place to explore. Here is what you need to pack for your Thai adventure.


Refillable water bottle

You can get filtered water for a few cents in Thailand. You can be an environmentally friendly traveller by carrying your own refillable bottle. If you decide to explore Bangkok on a Chao Phraya cruise, taking a filled water bottle along can help you stay hydrated. There are a number of cruise companies such as Anantara Cruises Bangkok Thailand that offer river cruise tours to explore Bangkok's ancient and modern wonders. You can take a medium sized bottle or even a 1-litre bottle sack for convenience. Thailand enjoys warm sunshine on most days. Be sure to stay hydrated.


Sunscreen and bug spray

There will be mosquitoes and plenty of sunshine across Thailand. You can even buy both these items at one of the 7elevens or a mall. But just in case they don't have your favourite brand, bring at least small bottles of bug spray and sunscreen.


Rain jacket

You can expect a spot of rain on any occasion in Thailand. Take your rain jacket in your backpack to put on whenever the showers start. If you can find rain jackets with zip slits underarms, you can stay cool and dry at the same time.


Rain fly and dry sacks

No one wants all their belongings soaking wet after a day of excursions just because it rained that one time during a walk. Take a rain fly for your backpack and pack your electronics in dry sacks.



Plane and even bus rides across the country is going to be chilly if you don't take a sweater along. Some high-end malls turn up the chill factor rather high. You might want to put on a sweater when the air conditioning goes up a notch or two.


Light clothing

You don't have to bring a lot of clothes to Thailand. Take a few t-shirts, tank tops, loose pants and shorts that are about three-quarters long. Take a few skirts and light dresses too. You can hand wash the clothes and they will dry quickly. There are also laundry centres in cities.


A day pack

You can put your passport, money, phone and other valuables in a day pack. Securely put the day pack in your bag to discourage thieves. Remember that if you are carrying a backpack a pickpocket might decide to slit it to get at the valuables. Keep your day pack buried inside the middle to avoid unnecessary risks.


Bathing suit and quick dry towel (or a sarong)

You'll have plenty of opportunities to swim in Thailand. Pack your bathing suit and a quick dry towel. Even a sarong would do instead of a towel. Take a beach blanket to cover patches of silky sand before you lie down and a scarf to protect your head and neck from the harshest rays of the sun.



While some hotels in Thailand use square pin plugs and socket, others use the round kind. You can bring a versatile universal converter to be able to charge your electronics at any place of accommodation. How else are you going to capture those memorable moments?



Pack a pair of flip flops for the beach but remember to pack a pair of hiking sandals to go hiking and even for those long walks across a night market. Waterproof trainers will keep your feet protected and allow for breathing space too.