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Headline for CRM Software for Business - Solastis
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CRM Software for Business - Solastis

Solastis solutions is a software-based company which provides the best CRM and BPM software for every business by using the right technologies and best industry practices. Contact us..

CRM Software for Switzerland - Solastis

Solastis CRM is a powerful CRM + BPM tool. You can use it as a digital workplace. Solastis is a right CRM Software for Switzerland businesses.

Inbound Marketing Organic Ranking - Solastis

Every business launches a website with the aim that potential customers will visit their website and then contact the company to know more about their services. However, if the website is not visible in the first few search results returned by the search engine, the customer never reaches the portal. As a result, the website’s traffic remains significantly low. A couple of visitors might come to the website through word-of-the mouth reference, but that does not bring any result. The website serves more like an online brochure. Low website traffic does not help in lead generation or expanding the customer base.


If you are a business owner, try to be as objective as you possibly can. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Be practical and precise, until you work out all the details of a specific goal. Goals should be crystal clear, subject to measurements and within a determined time frame.

Canned Responses in CRM - Solastis

Canned responses is a great way in improving the productivity of your team. These are typically the resuseable responses which can be prepared in advance.

Case Management Software - Solastis

Solastis CRM offers a strong Case Management software platform. In this article, we will explain to you how case management provides more robust features on top of CRM systems. A case management platform can bring significant improvement in your business operations.

CRM Client Onboarding - Solastis

Solastis is the most efficient solution if you want CRM for client onboarding. You can use it to implement effective client onboarding processes in your company. With Solastis CRM for client onboarding, you can ensure that you introduce your customers into your organization with ease.

All the CRM features of Solastis CRM+

Know all the CRM features of the Solastis CRM + BPM system. Solastis offers a rich functionality that every business needs for efficient operations.

How to use CRM for customer service? - Solastis

CRM technology is quite user-friendly today. Most CRM markets offer cloud-based solutions. With cloud-based software, you manage your work and store all your data on a virtual space. So, you will not need to install anything. You will also never require any technical maintenance. You only need to sign up with a CRM solution provider and start using the software. CRM solutions offer competitive prices ranging from $30 to $100 (US dollars) per month. The cost of the CRM solution will depend on if you choose a system with essential functions or go for add-on features as well as on their ease of use.

Contact Management Software - Solastis

SolastisCRM helps you manage contacts, deals & tasks. You can manage and organize your contact with online contact management software. Easily reach out to customers through Solastis contact management software. Contact us now.

CRM Email Integration - Solastis

With the help of Solastis CRM you can track customer emails, manage appointments and keep your calendars in sync with our seamless CRM Email integration features. Full email integration lets you send, receive and reply to emails, right from your SolastisCRM.

Setup CRM Organizational unit / Territories - Solastis

Understand how organisational unit and territories can be set in Solastis CRM and then used for multidimentional reporting and for authorisation control.

Google Advertising-Solastis

Google advertising is definitely a faster channel as compared to organic ranking, but at the same time it is more expensive. The advertiser needs to pay per click cost to Google. One point to note here is that the cost of per click varies from region to region. For example, in India the cost of click may range from 40-50 cents. While in US, UK, or Australia, the cost will be around 8-10 dollar. This also depends on for which product and services you are advertising.

What is CRM software and why should you use it? - Solastis

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a management concept. All businesses want to address and resolve their customers’ queries quickly. CRM was conceptualized so that companies could offer the best services to their customers. Through CRM software this business concept is put into practice conveniently.

Collaborative CRM - Solastis

Solastis offers a Collaborative CRM for businesses of every size. Your team can access cases and work on it collaboratively. Its easy for managers to check what's happening on cases.

CRM System for France - Solastis

Solastis is easy to use and easy to implement CRM system. It is multi-lingual, easy to understand and follow. Solastis is a right CRM System for France businesses.

CRM features for your Business - Solastis

If you’re a company that’s growing – or wants to grow – you need an effective way to deal with your customers and to do business with them.

Lead Generation: Cold Calling-Solastis

Putting you in direct contact with a potential customer, cold calling has been used as a lead generation strategy by many marketers.