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Online Examination Solution

Here find all the solutions related to online exam, test and quizzes. Think Exam provides you the best and secure Online Exam Software to conduct all kinds of online assessments with ease.

Why to choose Think Exam for conducting online exam and quiz?

When you plan to conduct online exam or quiz, it is important to first select an online test platform that is in accordance to your requirement and implementation. These days market is flooding with…

5 Ways to convert conventional classrooms into high-tech classrooms - Thinkexam Blog

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teachers hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience most of our world.”

Should Aptitude Tests be trusted in foretelling candidate’s competency? - Thinkexam Blog

It is becoming a standard practice across varied sectors to integrate aptitude and knowledge tests while screening potential applicants for any job opening. But what makes it an inevitable trend? Is it all an overestimated hoax or does it actually stand a chance to work wonders in the recruitment process?

Add color to your Think Exam panel! “Attractive themes” to brighten your assessments! - Thinkexam Blog

Think Exam, the leading online assessment software and comes with new feature “Theme Manager”.and the option to change text and icon color from black to white and vice-versa.

What is the Role and Scope of AI in Online Assessments? - Thinkexam Blog

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does sound like a new term that has recently started to take control over various aspects of assessments, but the very first time AI made its initial move in this sector was in the era of 1990s. It was the time when paper based assessments took a turn towards technology moving the conventional exam system to the online examination platform.

Tech tools enhancing the implementation of Formative Assessments!

Identifying the right tech-friendly tool to carry on with the process of formative assessments is a critical point for teachers.

How the advent of Tech-Tools is altering the pedagogy for Teachers? - Thinkexam Blog

Teachers are experiencing a phase of transition and technology is the element driving this change. Know how the teachers are being benefited by this revamping of the education system.

Quiz building software – A platform to create exclusive Quizzes for your students

The Online Quiz building software is a remarkable medium to assess the candidate’s aptitude, provides ranges from quick test assessment to report generation within a matter of time.

You’re hired! – How Online Assessment takes HR closer to the End Deal? - Thinkexam Blog

Online assessment platforms have given this much needed liberty to the recruiters by automating the hiring process to the extent of directly interviewing the candidates who have excelled on the well-designed online assessment extracting the best ones out of an overrun of resumes.

How can the recruiters be future ready to face the challenges of Industry 4.0? - Thinkexam Blog

“Automation technology will replace about 5 percent of all jobs globally, but it will take decades. In addition, the report found that 49 percent of all tasks currently being done by workers, from clerks to CEOs, can be automated by 2055 with technology that already exists today.”

How Pre-employment assessments promise better days to the recruiters?

The rapidity of changing hiring trend in companies has surpassed the dogma of recruitment acquisition and instead talent acquisition is being largely preferred as a more feasible long term deal.

How Think Exam ensures cheat protection in online examination - Thinkexam

Think Exam is a pioneer in online examination platform which provides an anti-cheat feature that ensures cheat protection in 3 different steps. Check here.

What is online examination (online tests)? - Thinkexam

What is online examination? Online examination system has made it possible for the students to give an exam according to their convenience and time.

Enhance Your Examination Approach with Think Exam - Thinkexam Blog

Using the Think Exam online examination software, one can seamlessly add questions, create test, allocate marks, assign tests to candidate and more.

Features of Think Exam - Online Examination Platform

Think Exam provides various features which make it a user friendly interface & it is the best online examination platform to prepare, practice and perform in the examination.

Best online exam portal for schools, colleges, institutes & organizations

Think Exam online exam portal is a one stop platform for all kinds of assessments, whether it is for schools, colleges, institutes and organizations.

What is the use of tags in Think Exam? - Thinkexam

Think Exam is the best platform to prepare, practice and perform in the examination. This online examination system provides primitive tools and added features with an impressive user interface.

How to create online tests on Think Exam?

Looking for an easy way to create online tests? Think Exam offers the most trusted Online Exam Software to create online tests, assign tests, design tests and more. Want to create online tests on Think Exam? Read here!

What is Think Exam?

Think Exam is a leading online examination system/software specially designed to offer a systematic management of examination and assessments. To know more about the Think Exam, Visit us.

Online Exams Conducting Company in India - Thinkexam Blog

Think Exam is a subsidiary of Ginger Webs, which is an offline and online exam conducting company that caters to all kinds of assessment needs of Educators, Corporate, PSU’s and Survey organizers.

Advantages of using an online examination system? - ThinkExam

The examination is considered to be the most important phase of checking the knowledge and analyze the ability of a candidate. So find out the advantages of online examination system.

5 Benefits of Video Interviews in hiring process you didn't know about!

Live video interviews are gaining a lot of fame in recruitment sectors, but why? Know 5 Benefits of Video Interviews in hiring process.

All that you wanted to know about Online Proctoring!

Online proctoring gives the freedom to the candidates to sit in an exam from any location irrespective of the geographical limitations.

7 Tips to choose the perfect Online Exam Software?

Finding a perfect Online Exam Software for conducting all kinds of assessments is a tedious task. Read 7 pro tips to choose the right exam software.

Online Examination System in India - Its scope, Pros & Cons!

Online Examination System in India - Let’s show some light on its basic understanding as to what are its functionalities, pros and cons.