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On-Demand Clone App

It’s fulfilling customers’ demands in the form of goods and services using a digital platform. This economy is growing at an unparalleled pace as customers prefer and prioritize fast, easy, and simple processes to book services.


Launch an alcohol delivery app like Uber today!

Launch an alcohol delivery app like Uber today!

Gone are the days when you have to reach a liquor shop to get your precious. Uber has made it simple by delivering it at your doorstep. All you have to do is just rest and choose the alcohol that you wish to consume. But this Uber for alcohol delivery is only officially allowed in particular places including Australia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.

This app is available on both Android and iOS platform and works similar to other booking apps. You can just simply tap and order but only if you are 21 or older. Delivery professionals will check for your ID and scan during the delivery procedures. So make sure to keep your ID’s handy.

Since the service is restricted to particular places, as an entrepreneur, you have enough time to analyze the market growth. So that you can even come with an idea that outsmarts the existing one.


Uber for Marijuana delivery services

Uber for Marijuana delivery services

A sophisticated app to connect the users and delivery executives or an app to increase the sales of your marijuana shop; AppDupe is your one-stop solution. Get in touch for a quality app that will help you rake in money and create a loyal customer base.

Medical marijuana is a profitable business and to be a part of it you need a functional app on iOS and Android. AppDupe’s Uber for marijuana is your best bet as they offer a range of services including turnkey solution and multiple languages.


Multiple services under single platform using Gojek clone app

Multiple services under single platform using Gojek clone app

Go-Jek clone app provides multiple-services without any need to switch between different apps. There are more than fifty services provided by Gojek clone app. It is highly reputed for being beneficial to various business industries around the world. From an individual to big scale companies are benefited by Go-Jek. Each service requires customized features to make it out stand from its competitors.

AppDupe is known for developing Gojek clone software with customized features at affordable rates. Some of the features are discussed below,

• Support for Android and iOS platforms for the users and service providers
• Manage various activities using the powerful admin panel
• Booking and dispatching management using the dispatcher panel.
• Keep track of earnings and revenue reports using the billing admin panel
• User and service provider info can be managed using the profile option

There are also various benefits enjoyed by the users and service providers using the Gojek clone app.

• Frequently used addresses can be saved thus avoiding the entry every time
• Daily commutes can be done by using the scheduling the bookings
• All the trips and their rates can be done using booking records
• Various modes of payments option available
• Track all the bookings in real-time using the live tracking feature.
• Get instant notifications for all the activities

• Reviews and ratings for the completed bookings and activities


Uber for Dogwalkers app Development Services

Uber for Dogwalkers app Development Services

Looking for a white-labeled app for on-demand dog walking services? Turn to AppDupe’s Uber for Dogwalkers app that comes with an engaging dashboard to oversee the business smoothly and a wide range of features for the users and service providers.


Uber for Dog Walking Service App

Uber for Dog Walking Service App

Americans are spending $69.51 per year on dog walking. On-demand dog walking industry is gaining traction nowadays. Wish to enter this industry with an app? Get your hands on an unrivaled Uber for dog walking service app right away.

The Rise Of Digital Solutions for Dog Walking - Appdupe

If you are planning to build a robust pet care app, you can get in touch with the expert app developers from AppDupe. Leading the industry for years, they can help you take your business to the next level with a sophisticated Uber for Dog walking app.


Provide all in all service solution using GoJek clone

Provide all in all service solution using GoJek clone

Since every service is getting digitized day by day, people opt for mobile apps to get their works done. Also, toggling between different applications will be hectic and time-consuming. Many applications are now expanding their service by integrating different features into a single solution since people will find it beneficial if they find their requirements get done or delivered through a single app solution. This idea is expanding among the industry and many budding entrepreneurs are investing to create one for their business.

Though there is an existing giant called GoJek in the industry, there is a lot of space yet to be filled if you come up with enhanced feature ideas. For startups, it is important to take care of the expenses at the initial stage and many wouldn’t interest to invest much. So, it will be a better option if you choose GoJek clone for your business.


On Demand Courier Delivery App

On Demand Courier Delivery App

Uber for courier app provides courier services to people located in various geographical locations. AppDupe provides the accurate and reliable app scripts for developing on-demand courier delivery app.

Indulge Marijuana Medicinal Properties with Uber for Marijuana

Uber for marijuana is the best online app through which marijuana can be delivered to the people who have ordered it. There are many vendors who have obtained official licences from the government to deliver the marijuana. They register in the uber for marijuana app to deliver it to the respective patients.


On Demand Plumber App Development

On Demand Plumber App Development

Waterworks problem needs a professional touch to fix it. AppDupe provides on demand plumber app that renders plumbers to fix any kind of plumbing problem requested by customers.

Caring with in-home doctor consultation

When a doctor is waiting to see you, there is no need for you to wait in a queue to see a doctor. Yes, with Uber for doctor app it is absolutely possible for booking appointments with doctors. The doctor will be at your doorstep when you or your loved one need consulting.

What is making the Go-Jek journey to be successful?

The Gojek app is gaining huge popularity from the day it was launched . The most prominent thing that one must understand is that the operation of the app is user-friendly. It has been created by considering the needs of the people from particular locations.Gojek app supplements all the needs of the users irrespective of the location. This also makes Gojek like app as a very reliable medium for providing multiple services and also a highly profitable medium to make independent service providers to get more business opportunities and earn more money.


Uber for Massage App

Uber for Massage App

Massage is known to cure many medical conditions and acts as integrative medicine. AppDupe benefits the customers to opt for doorstep massage with Uber for massage app developed by AppDupe.

Additional Benefits by Using Movers App

By using uber for movers app, customers can save your time and energy. Once people figure out their expenses when planned to move by themselves, they will probably hire movers through the app. Using the app will aid in executing plans for moving goods. It gives a clear picture of the pick-up and destination locations, moving details and packing types.

Making Money From The On-demand Economy!

Startups have been a beacon for dreamers who bring some of the most unique solutions to the world. With the markets’ tectonic shift towards convenient technology, it has become a gruesome task for entrepreneurs to purvey to.


Uber for marijuana: Highly profitable

Ever-growing technology has impacted numerous industries and sectors. Medical marijuana is becoming legal and that calls for the need for on-demand apps that can deliver marijuana at the doorstep of customers. But to ensure security and selling it to illegal customers, you need a highly sophisticated app. Get in touch with AppDupe for Uber for marijuana app that is white-labelled and is full of the latest features.

Why developing a Gojek like app prospers a multi-services venture?

Business can be very lucrative if you find the right Gojek clone app development provider who gives you a licensed source code to customize your requirements whenever required. White-labelling to use your logo and brand name and multiple currency acceptance to avoid constraints of providing services globally are other two valuable solutions that a service provider can offer.

How tutor app makes students to excel in their academics?

An Uber for tutoring service app can aid students by connecting them with tutors and communicate anytime to clear their academic doubts. Tutors will also act as mentors to students whenever they find needed.


Gojek Clone App - Bespoke App for Your Business

Gojek Clone App - Bespoke App for Your Business

Wish to launch a business like Gojek? Our Gojek clone app is 100% customizable and we offer white-labelled solutions with advanced features. Get in touch with us to launch a top-notch app for your business.