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Kyabram Refrigeration takes pride in providing its customers with the highest quality service and expert advise in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

A Glycol Chiller - How does it Work? - Glycol Chiller Milk vats Sales services

To figure out the requirement for a Glycol Chiller it is necessary to understand the working of a chiller. The main purpose of a Glycol Chiller is to be able to control the temperature in a reliable manner. This helps one gain control over the fermentation process and regulates temperature of the storage container. It has many applications in several industries, dairy industry being the main application. It is also useful in a winery.

A Heat Recovery System and its Various...

Many people relate an energy efficient system with systems that make use of the energy of the sun or wind and use it at an office building or house. Implementing a heat recovery and efficiency system is a different method of being environment-friendly since it makes use of renewable energy. The concept behind this type of energy is making use of the energy that already exists and not letting it waste, it is possible to reduce the impact on the environment.

Glycol and its Application as a Cooling System for Dairy Farmers

A Glycol refrigeration system is efficient with some of the major benefits being a reduction in energy costs and the ability to preserve milk quality. It is also a quick return on investment. A chiller system has the ability to cool milk within 2 degrees of the water temperature.

Things To Keep In Mind While You Opt For Buying The Latest Refrigerator

People end up sending their expensive fridge to the commercial refrigeration repair in many cases because most of them forget to remember essential tips before purchasing it. This fact makes the appliance choosing factor more crucial for the common man. Even though most of us don’t head over to the shop for buying such devices, the critical points are necessary to guide us through the confusion.

Tips To Maintain The Cooling System And Dairy Equipment Every Day

Milk prices are certainly higher these days in some areas because of the improper use of technology. Improper maintenance of the dairy equipment cost the companies a fortune to change the appliances just because they couldn’t manage it properly. Regular maintenance can enhance the chances of the budgeted project, leading to affordably priced milk products.

Types Of Refrigeration System The Common Man Is Unaware Of

Cooling is a common and essential aspect of any industry, even at home. One might consider purchasing the cool room refrigeration equipment for either personal or official purpose. However, it is possible that the refrigeration system has different types that one doesn't know.

Want to know how Heat Recovery Systems Work?

A heat recovery and efficiency system work by extracting the moist and stale air from any wet areas or rooms in your house. If you need any refrigerator services or you need air-cooled chiller system make sure to visit

Benefits of glycol refrigeration system for farmers

It is difficult to find a product for a big project for a long period. With glycol chillers, however, the reviews of farmers using the system show how qualified the system is.

What To Consider Before Planting A Cold Room Refrigeration?

It is ideal storage for preserving several types of food and medicines. Cool Room Refrigeration equipment is used for commercial as well as for scientific purposes.

What can be the most common problems with your refrigerator and tips to fix it?

If the problem is minor you can fix them on your own. However, if there is some major issue you need to go for commercial refrigeration repair services.

How to clean milking equipment?

Milk is an item that has to be stored consciously. Improper storage may lead its spoilage. Thus, an individual in the business of storage or sale of bulk milk must get a good quality cold storage from the best chiller manufacturers.

Refrigeration Solution for Australia Dairy Farm - Lean more about Business News, Technology trends, Fashion Tips and ...

Glycol is considered as one of the most useful chemicals for chiller manufacturers, as it reaches its maximum freezing point when mixed with water and is efficient in the heat transfer process. There are two types of glycol; while ethylene glycol is useful for several industrial applications, propylene glycol is useful for food.

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These multipurpose refrigerants will take care of your every need. This is why it is also necessary to use the right cool room equipment in the maintenance, repair, and installation of this refrigerant so that they deliver effective and efficient results.

All you need to know about heat recovery and efficiency systems

It is also majorly used in the industry of dairy equipment that helps in reducing the wastage of excess heat from the refrigeration cycle and heats the water that is supplied to the hot water storage. It can also be installed in the existing chiller systems as an add-on feature.

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Needless to say, cold rooms keep items much cooler when compared to regular room temperature. If your business needs to stock up on a lot of perishable items, then opting for a cool storage room refrigeration equipment is the best choice.

Different Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning System

You have to understand the best available in your budget, which is reasonable for the commercial refrigeration repairs.

Top Quality Air-Cooled Chiller Manufacturers

Kyabram Refrigeration is top quality chiller manufacturers which are great for industrial use and require less maintenance compared to other products.

Dos and Don'ts of a Heat Recovery and Efficiency System

This article goes on to describe dos and don’ts as far as heat recovery and efficiency system is concerned; it also describes how it works.

The various benefits of air-cooled chiller systems

The air-cooled chiller systems disperse heat-using fans and are commonly used in power plant and dairy.

Importance Of Vsd Drives In Chillers Farming Industries

The glycol chillers are effective refrigeration systems and are used in dairy farming to keep milk cool and last long. The instant cooling system lowers the milk temperature but not all operate as efficiently as a company would expect.

Different Types Of Chiller Manufacturers Produce

To know more about cool room refrigeration equipment and get suggestions from top chiller manufacturers, visit Kyabram Refrigeration.

Tips for water chiller operator regarding glycol usage

To know more about the glycol chiller and its application for industrial purposes such as dairy farming, visit or contact Kyabram Refrigeration. They are the prominent company when it comes to glycol chillers and air conditioning Kyabram service provided by them is also of top quality.

Everything you need to know about air cooled chiller system

The company specializes in glycol chillers and are experts in air-cooled and water-cooled chillers and can provide efficient chiller using vsd drives.

Top reasons for air conditioning problems |

They provide top quality service for commercial and domestic air conditioning. They also specialize in manufacturing glycol refrigeration system. Visit for more information.

The Mechanism Of Air-Cooled Chiller System

One of the most considerable and popular chillers is VSD drives, that has the caliber to cut down chiller’s annual energy costs by 30% or more.