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Indian Raga

If dancing is a way of life - challenge yourself by bringing out your best dance moves to the classical dance competition. Winners will make it to our Facebook and other social media pages and get a chance to show the world their dancing prowess.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Feed your soul with IndianRaga’s pre-recorded Indian creative dance videos from the comfort of your home. Find courses on genres like Bollywood, Hindustani, and Carnatic only with us.

The Indian classical dance is as diverse and rich as its food, culture, language, and dressing. Each dance form from varied parts of India has its own set of a complex repository of stylized pose which is traditionally determined.

Over the years, many instruments have been used for producing music for dance as well. Browse through the websites of various musical communities to know more.

Surrender yourself to the tranquility and peace of the Raga Yaman. The Kathak performance by IndianRaga artists will mesmerize your senses with their dance moves and melody of the raga. Stay tuned to our channel and enjoy more videos on Indian classical music.

Bharatanatyam Kuchipudi Dance Performance

Experience the quest of an archer and her coach in this Bharatanatyam-Kuchipudi duet. Observe the growth of the award winning archer performed in ragamalika. For more videos on Indian classical music like Kuchipudi, Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kathak, subscribe to our Youtube channel now.

Ragas play an important part not just in the classical traditions but also in the modern renditions. A raga composition is able to evoke emotions in its listeners, wherein lies its power.

If you want to promote yourself as a singer, there are many ways to do it. Look for the right tools and platforms in order to promote yourself as a singer.

A global stage for dancers who need it the most!

The wait is over! The IndianRaga offers a platform to artists through Indian dance shows in London which brings in people from all walks of life together. Grab your chance of featuring in a video and showcase your dance skills through our social media channels.

For a classical musician, acquiring deep knowledge of the rhythm and pitch is of utmost importance. With IndianRaga’s panel of experts, teachers and students get valuable feedbacks that can polish their skills further. Enroll for our Carnatic music certification and stand out among the pool of talents from across the globe.

Best of Indian Classical Dance

Pallavi is an Odissi dance form that incorporates the graceful and lyrical movement of the dancers. The beautiful moves are supported by intricate rhythmic patterns of exceptional music Enjoy watching the mesmerizing music and movement inspired by the joy of monsoon.

Experience The Beautiful Devotional Invocation To God Vitthal

Relish the devotional invocation to god Vitthala in the video. Experience the essence of the powerful vocals coupled with energetic and rhythmic modulations. This video aims at revitalizing the famous bhajans that were an integral part of Indian sampradaya.

Indian classical music has been closely associated with the culture, heritage and rituals. Look for such organizations to give yur child a platform to showcase talent and get deserved appreciations.

Your search for a global platform for Indian dance shows in London is here. IndianRaga has launched its IndianRaga chapter where we give talented artists a stage to record and share videos of their performances. We have presence in across 30 global cities. Where are you situated? Visit our official website now!

Play like a pro with the IndianRaga certification. Get expert feedbacks and clarity on polishing your skill to become maestros of performing arts. Register now for instrumental music certificate in Carnatic vocals, Instrumental and Percussion Levels 1-10, Hindustani Vocals, Instrumental and Percussion Levels 1-4, Bharatanatyam Levels 1-7 and Kuchipudi Levels 1-7. Hurry now!

Best of Indian Classical Dance

Watch the beautiful melody of Varsha Pallavi, inspired by the poetry and romance of the monsoon season by IndianRaga artists. To feature in an IndianRaga production, apply on IndianRaga Fellow at and get a chance to be a part of our video production. IndianRaga aims at bringing together the best musicians and dancers across the globe to give the viewer’s a high quality dance and music experience.

Many people who know how to dance and who don’t know anything about dance love watching Indian Dance Videos. A seeker can easily find various dance videos on the internet.