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Updated by HIREtrades Australia on Feb 16, 2021
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Here is a list of blogs from HIREtrades which will give you heads up about everything you need to know before doing anything for your home. From roof painting down to kitchen renovation. Subscribe to my channel to get updated.

What's the standard ceiling height in Australia? | HIREtrades

According to the Building Code, the standard ceiling height in Australia is 2.4 metres for habitable rooms. For non-habitable rooms, the standard ceiling

How To Install Sarking In Existing Roof | HIREtrades

Protect your home from any climate changes. Install sarking in your existing roof now and worry no more!

What Are the Proper Tradies Workwear? | HIREtrades

Having the right proper workwear for tradies will keep them safe and comfortable. Know the proper tradies workwear needed for your job.

How Much Does Ceiling Insulation Cost? | HIREtrades

Are you looking to replace your ceiling insulation or installing a new one? Know the factors to consider in the costing of installing an insulation...

Check here for more details: Ceiling Insulation Cost on HIREtrades

Restumping Cost | How much does restumping cost?

Do you want to know how much does restumping cost? House restumping has been proven to be a good investment. Click here to know the cost of restumping.

Why you should always rate a tradie?

Ratings have a huge impact on people.This is the reason everyone is encouraged to rate a tradie after they completed a job. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of leaving an accurate rating as they find it tedious.It’s only a plus that you can help others and the tradies too.

To keep close tabs on the good tradies
You may not see immediately the purpose of rating a tradie, but it serves many benefits. One of it is keeping close tabs on the good tradies.

Once you rate a tradie, it will be saved on your profile (depends on the platform you used). So whenever you encounter any repair emergencies, you can immediately call the tradie you trust to do the job.

Carpet Myths That Will Have You Floored

Do carpets contribute to allergies? Is regular cleaning harmful to carpets? Know the common misconceptions about carpets and bust these myths.

Why should you pigeon-proof your roof?

How can you manage and control pests? What are the risks and damages caused by pigeons? Here are six effective pigeon-proofing solutions for your roof.

Just Married? Decisions After Tying The Knot

There are so many things that newlyweds should decide on. As a married couple, you should discuss where to spend your perfect honeymoon, what fun and romantic things to do with your spouse, your future plans together, and how to set-up a comfortable home during the winter season like hiring a licensed electrician to install a heater and customizing your home according to your needs.
Check here about the decisions that newlyweds should make after the wedding.

5 Organisation Ideas for Busy Professionals

Juggling work and household chores can indeed be challenging. But it doesn’t always have to be. Here are 5 organisation ideas that you can start doing.

4 Detective-Like Traits Every Sparky Should Have

Need a reliable electrician to deal with electrical issues around your home? Make sure your prospect has these detective-like traits before you hire one.

5 Winter Ideas To Protect Your Home

Thinking about winter-proofing your home? Check out these 5 ideas to keep your home ready for winter and other environmental conditions.

7 Tips For Hiring A Tradie

When hiring tradies, it’s important to get yourself familiarised with your rights. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) lists all that you need to do when inappropriate actions are undertaken by a tradie you have involvement with. Learn more about these 7 tips for hiring a tradie.

Builders Sydney

Building a new home or renovating the old one is not that hard as you think it to be. With the help of these professional builders in Sydney, your dream home will not just a dream but will become real. If you're planning to build or renovate a house, be sure to trust only the expert in this field. Finding the most trusted builders is within reach. You can use this online directory for your building needs. Just post a job and get a quote from our trusted and reliable builders all over Sydney.

Hiring Tradies Safely Amidst COVID-19 | HIREtrades

Are you looking for a tradie to do your jobs but afraid of COVID-19? Check out how to hire a tradie safely amidst this pandemic.

Cleaning to prevent COVID-19 spread | HIREtrades

As we are in the fight of coronavirus, here are some cleaning tips to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Get to know more.

How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost per Metre?

Looking to invest in a home improvement project that helps increase your safety? Here’s to give you a rough estimation of Colorbond fencing costs.

How Much Does Colorbond Roofing Cost? | HIREtrades

Planning to install a colorbond roofing for your home? Colorbond Roofing is long lasting and can protect your home from different weather conditions, making any homes look great..

Know the cost of colorbond roofing

Restumping Cost | How Much Does Restumping Cost?

Thinking of doing a re-stump for your house? Now is the time. Replace old stumps with a new one and be ready for any disasters that may affect your homes.
Restumping is important to prevent your house from collapsing. Find out how much does house restumping cost.

The Cost Of Upholsterers & Reupholstery Prices (2020)

Bring your furnitures back to its old self. From minor repairs to major changes or new styles to match your preferences. We got you!

Click here to Know the Cost of Upholstery & Reupholstery

7 Granny Flats Design Ideas for Inspiration | HIREtrades

Have you ever thought of building a granny flat? Get inspired by these 7 granny flat design ideas.

Plumbing Services for New Homes | HIREtrades

A new home needs a top-notch plumbing service for the installation of their plumbing systems. We got you the list of these Plumbing Services for New Homes here.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a House Wall Paint Colour | HIREtrades

Choosing a paint colour for your house wall can be challenging... Know the Factors to Consider When Choosing a House Wall Paint Colour on this page.

4 Handyman Jobs That You SHOULD NOT D.I.Y. | HIREtrades

No matter how good you are at DYI-ing home repair projects, some projects at home are not meant to be D.I.Y. projects. Check the 4 Handyman Jobs That You SHOULD NOT D.I.Y. on this page

Things to Consider When Buying a Pergola | HIREtrades

Choosing the right pergola need not be overwhelming. Pergolas have difference styles and purposes. Know the Things to Consider in Buying a Pergola here.