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Updated by ERMProtect on Mar 04, 2020
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Best Cybersecurity Expert Joins ERMProtect to Help Lead Information Security

ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity firm, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Dr. Rey Leclerc Sveinsson to lead key aspects of the company’s improve Information Security & Privacy Practice.

Best Cybersecurity Expert Joins ERMProtect to Help Lead Information Security

ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity firm, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Dr. Rey Leclerc Sveinsson to lead key aspects of the company’s Information Security & Privacy Practice.

The Top Five Reasons To Have SOC Assessments

This digital diagnostic reads the risk levels of your mainframe and SOC assessments have become an integral aspect of cyber awareness and prevent these sorts of attacks from happening.

6 Tips To Improve IT Security Awareness At Your Company

The most vulnerable are businesses and individuals when it comes to online hacking and malware and they are the prime targets for hackers.

How Cloud Compliance Standards Will Change In The Future

Malware and ransomware have become a big problem that extorts those vulnerable to their attacks; this form of online fraud has reached $1 billion. Cloud servers have enhanced their cybersecurity in order to counter the attack of online criminals and the means they use to hack servers and steal sensitive information.

ERMProtect Adds Digital Games to Cyber Security Awareness Training Platform

ERMProtect is one of a leading cybersecurity firm and today we have announced that the company has developed 20 digital games for its Cyber Security Awareness Training platform, There is a robust library of 100+ modules that teach employees how to work safely online.

The Hidden Reason Behind White Hat Testing

Ethics is a program that is strongly enforced in the soul of business and finances; those who work in this field must know about how to properly conduct themselves and be aware of the reactions of their actions. The program of ethics also crosses over into the soul of cybersecurity and hacking.

Why Companies like Amazon and Apple are Paying Hackers to Break into Their Sites

While the targets of malicious malware are usually large businesses and mega-rich individuals, small stores and individuals can also be targeted. There can be many reasons for the attack and can be very difficult to detect. Very little evidence is left behind therefore, detecting a hack can only be done by highly-trained specialists.

Use These Proven Tactics To Keep Yourself Safe From A Cyberattack

Most of the law enforcement officers have full time IT professionals who are specialized in digital forensics and incident response. These professionals are trained in technology and the know-how to help with a variety of technology-related issues including digital investigation after a cyberattack has taken place.

Live Hack: Malvertising

ERMProtect consultant stings a colleague with a malicious advertisement to gain complete access to his computer and then provides tips on how to avoid this type of attack.

Things You Must Know About A Security Awareness Company

People and business owners are now looking to cyber-device security awareness training companies for help in preventing cyber attacks. In order to protect the sensitive information on your devices, further steps need to be taken in order to efficiently prevent cyber attacks from happening.

Live Hack: Spoofed! | ERMProtect

In this episode of “Live Hack,’’ our security consultant, Maria Rogers, tricks a colleague into clicking a malicious link by "spoofing" an email to make it look like it was from his boss.

Benefits Of Doing The Cyber Security Training Online

Online cybersecurity awareness training companies use different types of methods that have proven successful at dismissing malware and cyber attacks. Some Benefits are listed below for you and your business:-

  1. It Educates Your Staff
  2. It Can Save You Time & Money
  3. You’re More Secured
How To Create Better Data Security

Most businesses require some sort of email, home address, or account number to interact with their website or purchase their products. This type of data can be some of the most sensitive information for consumers. After reading this article, your business will have the ultimate data breach checklist to help respond to data breaches.
1. Protect The Data Itself
2. Inside-Threats
3. Encrypt Your Data

ERMProtect Named a Gartner “Vendor to Note” for Security Awareness Training Product

We believe we are seen positively because of the character of our content, said Silka Gonzalez, founder, and president of ERMProtect. Our training is written by cybersecurity experts in the field fighting cyber threats every day. Their real-world, up-to-date knowledge, coupled with our engaging content formats, give our customers a training product that can’t be found elsewhere.

How To Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Data Hacking

Many data thieves will explain that the vacation is free and they simply need your credit card information for the “sales tax”. They typically make it seems like the winner needs to make a decision immediately, or they will lose the prize. If you suspect someone is attempting to copy your personal information you should immediately hire a company that provides incident response services.

Spoke at the 3rd Annual GRC Conference on June 21, 2019

Our Director of information security & privacy consulting has interacted and engaged with people at the 3rd Annual GRC Conference on June 21, 2019. Dr. Rey Leclerc Sveinsson spoke on the GDPR vs. CCPA, the Similarities & Differences.

ERMProtect Expands Privacy Practice as Data Protection Concerns Rise

ERMProtect cyber experts are glad to announce the new and upgraded version of its privacy practice to help users with the continuous change in the regulatory landscape. ERMProtect cyber and privacy experts are available for consulting and privacy staff augmentation.

ERMProtect Launches Stingray, An Automated, Simulated Phishing Tool

Stringray is the new and innovated feature which is provided by ERMProtect. This feature is inbuilt in email templates or landing pages to test the employees credibility. The training product has 100+ animated cartoon videos and games that will teach employees how to identify when they are being targeted by hackers, so they become part of a company’s cybersecurity defense.

Which of these Insurance Emails are Phishing Attempts?

After the first look to the screenshot, it looks like an email sent to an employee who has pre-registered a dependent spouse — the URL in the email points to the real MetLife domain. Nothing stands out as phishy. Looks legit.

Are these Payments Websites Real or Phony?

The actual domain of BluePay is “” But if you see in the given screenshot, the attacker has tried to pull a fast one here with “” Also, that banner at the side might have looked a bit odd and out-of-place to you, and you’re right if you thought so. The actual BluePay site doesn’t have that banner.

Which of these Career Opportunity Emails are Phishing Attempts?

The subject line of the email creates a judgment of urgency that is not typical for any professional email. Furthermore, that “Hi” in the salutation doesn't encourage confidence.

How to Revamp your Security Awareness Training

There are training programs in place that your company can utilize for security awareness training. Many employers are starting to make it mandatory because it has become more of a necessity. Training is continuous. You won’t be rendered a “cyber-security expert” by sitting in one 1-2 training sessions.

Cyber Tip of the Day - Anti-Virus - Cybersecurity and Training

Anti-virus software blocks detect and remove malicious software from your devices. While it’s not a silver bullet, it’s critical to your on-line safety. Here are some tips to protect yourself:

  1. Use a reputable anti-virus solution that has anti-malware and anti-phishing capabilities.

  2. Get anti-virus software for your smartphone. Smartphone-based malware is on the rise.

Live Hack: Hand in the Cookie Jar - Cybersecurity and Training

The video is a warning that all the technical defenses in the world won’t matter if just one employee plugs in a malicious device. Visit our Security Awareness Training page to see how you can subscribe to our innovative e-learning platform that turns your employees into a human firewall.

An Introduction To White Hat Hack & Why You Should Consider It

One of the biggest threats that people face in today’s age is that of malware and cybercrime. This threat has become widespread and rampant due to the many tactics cybercriminals use to infiltrate people’s mainframes and networks. It’s because of the widespread threat of malware and network hacking why people and businesses have turned to cybersecurity companies and their services to protect their data, such as hacking penetration testing. If you wish to know more about this service, continue reading and we’ll touch upon the details of this service.