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Packing Hacks: 10 Tested Tricks To Travel Comfortably

As digital nomads, we know how annoying and exhausting packing can be, especially if we need to bring many things with us and we don’t know enough packing hacks to make them fit our bag.


1- Be The Backpack

1- Be The Backpack

No, really. That old trick our mothers had of wearing the heavier things on her instead of packing them, works.

Most airports in the world have air conditioners, in fact, most of the times the airports have a nice temperature to be in independently of the season, so waiting for your flight or connection with a leather jacket or a winter coat won’t be troublesome.

Even if you are traveling in the best economy class cabin, the plane will have a place to hang your coats.

The trick here is not to over exaggerate, you can wear a t-shirt, a sweater, carry a coat, and heavy boots to get weight out of your backpack without feeling uncomfortable. But if you go to an airport with 10 layers of clothes, it can be suspicious to the authorities and you will certainly feel tired and hot within minutes.


2-Start with The Heavier Items

2-Start with The Heavier Items

When choosing what to take on a trip, we don’t need to tell you to carry only the essentials. But sometimes, those essential items tend to be the heavier ones in our backpack.

We recommend starting with those because that way you can actually see what could fit in the suitcase, and what you can wear to travel.

But of course, this depends on where you are going and how you are getting there. If you really need a hair drier, you can put in the suitcase, but a raincoat can go outside it.

If you travel by bus or car, then things change. It will be more difficult to enjoy a trip if you have extra clothing layers in a bus, but you can fold it under the seat if you feel more like it.

Once you have classified the essential heavier items, then you can move on to the rest.


-3 Roll Before You Fold

-3 Roll Before You Fold

Our mothers won’t like this one because you will need to iron after the trip, but rolling saves more space than folding.

For example, if you need to carry many socks, you can roll one inside other instead of having ten folded pair of socks occupying twice the space they should.

You can also roll up to four t-shirts together; all this rolling will save space and protect the more fragile items in your back. Simply put the rolled clothes surrounding the fragile items, and forget about the common worries of getting your things smashed in transit.

The only inconvenient with his packing hack is that, after you try it once, you will go bonkers trying to roll all your clothes, but some fabrics are not meant to be rolled this way. Leather for example, do not roll or over fold your leather jacket, you can damage the tissue.

Anything that’s made of cotton, spandex, polyester and such fabrics can be rolled without a problem, though.


-4 Shoes and Corners

-4 Shoes and Corners

After picking the heaviest shoes you will need for this trip, leave them out to wear on your way to your destination.

If you carry two or three extra pairs, it will be better if you put them in the corners of the suitcase (making the sole face the inner corners). It will protect the shape and the content of the case, besides, you can roll some socks or tiny bottles to save even more space and protect fragile items.

And to save you some cash about to be spent in a laundry service, please put your shoes in plastic bags, this way it won’t leave dirt in the suitcase or worst, your daily clothes.

If you are carrying another pair of boots, the packing hack works the same way, only you have extra space to put a shampoo bottle or perhaps two pairs of socks and a small bottle inside.

It’s like playing Tetris, but with your clothes.


-5 Duct tape Is Your Best Friend

-5 Duct tape Is Your Best Friend

Now that we have mentioned bottles a few times, many pack their shampoo and perfume bottles or liquorish souvenirs without protecting them properly.

The journey of your bag or suitcase in airports is turbulent. They get kicked, dropped, and smashed against many other packs, so whatever is inside, ends up a little flat… and sometimes broken.

With liquids, the story is no different. The plastic container may survive, but if you don’t buckle the cap, chances are it will spill all over your clothes accidentally.

To fix this before it happens, you can use duct tape to cover the cap entirely, it will ensure the cap stays where it is and significantly reduce the chances of getting the liquid spilled all over the suitcase.

But just in case, if you can put the bottles in separate bags before sealing the caps, it will be better.
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