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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for 7 Most Luxurious Dishes in Dubai - Top 7 Decadent Culinary Treats to Sample in Dubai
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7 Most Luxurious Dishes in Dubai - Top 7 Decadent Culinary Treats to Sample in Dubai

Tipped to be a culinary powerhouse like no other Dubai is the best city to sample some of the world's most decadent dishes. Here are seven treats you must try during a holiday in the city.



As the quintessential luxury food every high-flying travellers recognize, caviar is a delicacy well-worth the hefty price tag during a holiday in Dubai. The Imperial Premium Sturgeon caviar is arguably the most decadent snack item in Dubai and can cost thousands of dirhams but the world's finest is not overpriced as it is quite literally the best caviar one can get one's hands on in the region. Renowned for its delectable texture and rich flavour, Imperial Premium Sturgeon caviar is an acquired taste.



When it comes to the priciest cocktails tourists can sample in the desert capital, none can compare to the 27.321 cocktail served at the Skyview Bar. Having secured the Guinness World Record for the costliest cocktail on the planet in 2009, the cocktail named after its price is the hottest drink in town for party goers in Dubai. Made using a Macallan single malt Scotch whisky that's been aged for 55 years, fruit bitters and sugar scented with passion fruit is not the only reason to order this drink, which is served in an 18-carat gold glass the drinker can keep.


Spider King Crab

Seafood lovers heading to Dubai should not miss the chance to splurge on this local delicacy which involves crabs flown in from Norway no less. The best place to sample this delicious dish is the Peppercrab where Spider King Crab is the hero of the menu. Cooked in a sauce of black peppers and chilli, the spicy dish leaves little to the imagination with its flavour and texture.


Royal Pizza

With its cost estimated at nearly US$211,561, one can be assured that this is not your run of the mill pizza experience. Although pizza is a relatively inexpensive meal option in Italy, the home of the cheese layered treat, the world's most expensive pizza is available to those with the means to spend on this one of a kind dining experience. The topping not only features white Alba truffles from Italy and Périgord winter black truffles but also includes matsutake Japanese mushrooms, Almas caviar and Kashmiri Mogra saffron.


The Golden Phoenix Cupcake

When it comes to decadently pricey desserts in Dubai, few baked goods are as mouth-watering as the Golden Phoenix Cupcake. Costing nearly 4000 dirhams the luxurious ingredients used to create the cupcake are responsible for the jaw-dropping price tag as everything from Tuscan Amedei Porcelana chocolate and vanilla beans from Uganda are used in these cupcakes which are topped off with 23-carat gold flakes.


Black Diamond Ice Cream

Head on over to Scoopi Café down Jumeirah Road for a scoop of the globe's most pricey ice cream. Shelling out nearly 3000 dirhams for an ice cream may seem frivolous to those who cannot appreciate the Iranian saffron and the 23-carat golf leaves incorporated into this gourmet vanilla ice cream hailing from Madagascar. Visitors based at the Avani Deira Dubai Hotel will have easy access to this world-renowned cafe and its ice cream.



This three-layered wonder is a vegetarian diner's dream dish and a rich one at that. Featuring chickpeas, aubergine and yoghurt with tahini topping, the pine nuts complete this bread dish which is served in most restaurants in Deira.