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Updated by Next Step on May 14, 2019
Headline for Intensive Outpatient Program Substance Abuse in Sonoma County
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Intensive Outpatient Program Substance Abuse in Sonoma County

Are you looking for a reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation outpatient program? You can connect with the intensive outpatient program for substance abuse professionals at NEXT STEP in Sonoma County at 707-525-9300.

Santa Rosa Adolescent Addiction & Drug Treatment Therapists Near Me | NEXT STEP

Do you need immediate adolescence counseling? Next Step has a team of family counselors and therapists in Santa Rosa who provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and therapy to teens for alcohol, drug addiction, and substance abuse treatment. Contact Next Step at 707-525-9300.

Educational Consultants In Santa Rosa & Sonoma County | NEXT STEP

Get reliable guidance from a skilled educational consultant to overcome substance abuse & addiction. Next Step has expert educational consultants in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County. For more information, contact us at 707-525-9300.

Individual Therapy | Next Step

Individual therapy provides a safe place for teens to explore peer and family relationships, learn emotion identification and management strategies as well as methods to work most effectively with their parents.

Santa Rosa Family Counseling and Therapist for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Is your loved one suffering from drug and alcohol addiction? Call Next Step rehabilitation center at 707-525-9300 for drug & alcohol treatment and therapy services for kids, teens and adolescents in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

Caring & Supportive Parenting Groups | Next Step

Explore new parenting strategies with caring & supportive parenting groups at Next Step. You can connect with our professionals in Sonoma County & Santa Rosa at 707-525-9300.

Teen Addiction Therapists in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County | NEXT STEP

Searching for teen addiction treatment or an alcohol & drug rehabilitation center in Sonoma County? Connect with teen addiction therapists at Next Step in Santa Rosa at 707-525-9300 for counseling to overcome teen addictions.

Case Management by Therapists, Psychologists & Counselors for Treatment | Next Step

Team meetings for case management are an integral part of each family’s successful treatment at Next Step. Our staff of clinicians meet weekly to discuss each case, noting the family and teen’s progress, challenges, and ongoing needs.

Overcome Addiction with Individual Counseling & Therapy Programs | Next Step

Are you a drug or alcohol addict? Engage in individualized therapy programs specially designed for individuals who are facing such challenges. For more information, connect with us at 707-525-9300.

Residential Treatment Program Centers for Children In Santa Rosa & Sonoma County | NEXT STEP

Looking for trained professionals to providea residential treatment program to help your child? Get residential treatment from Next Step centers & programs designed for children & kids in Santa Rosa & Sonoma County. For more information, contact us at 707-525-9300.