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6 Amazing Dishes in Thailand - Delights for The Food Lover

Thai cuisine is renowned the world over for its zesty and delectable dishes. There are a number of dishes that all visitors to Thailand should try out, such as the distinctive foods listed below.


Phat Thai

This is a dish that is almost synonymous with Thai cuisine. In fact, this dish dates to the 1930s when it was invented by a skilled Thai-Chinese chef. Phat Thai consists of fine rice noodles which are stir-fried briskly with tofu, egg and shrimp. This mixture is expertly seasoned with ingredients such as sugar, fish sauce, dried chilli, tamarind and vinegar. When created by a talented chef this remarkable dish is sure to be a delectable culinary highlight.



Laap is a well-known dish that originated in the north-eastern region of Thailand. This delicious food which is also called larp or larb includes minced meat flavoured with roasted powdered rice, fish sauce, lime juice and a selection of herbs. This is a rather rustic yet remarkable food that is sure to delight the taste buds of the visitor. This dish is best enjoyed with sticky rice, consisting of fat and short grains, which has been steamed. Make sure to enjoy this meal as the locals do, using your fingers.


Tom yam

A flavoursome herb-seasoned broth that almost everyone is sure to enjoy, this distinctive dish is often translated into English in restaurant menus as a 'sour Thai soup'. Tom yam kung, a version of the soup that includes succulent shrimps, is perhaps the best known, and for good reason; the combination of the spicy, tart soup with tender prawns makes for an irresistible flavour that will delight the food lover. Tom yam is a masterpiece of Thai cuisine that many food connoisseurs love.


Som tam

This is another culinary highlight that originated in Thailand's rather rural north-eastern region. Today however this distinctive dish is popular in all parts of the country, and should definitely be tried out by visitors. This zesty preparation features crunchy strips of green papaya crushed within a pestle and mortar with ingredients such as long beans, tomato, lime, fish sauce and chilli. The resulting dish makes a flavourful concoction that is sure to make an impression on the visitor to the country. Combining this dish with a portion of fresh sticky rice will create a light but satisfying meal.


Khao soi

Visitors to the north of Thailand should make it a point to try out this distinctive curry-flavoured noodle soup. Usually, the main ingredient in this dish is beef or chicken, which is combined skilfully with the spicy rich broth – containing a plentiful amount of coconut milk – and the soft, egg and wheat-based noodles. Optional accompaniments for this dish include sliced shallots, lime and crispy pickled green vegetables, which will contrast pleasingly with the thick broth. As you enjoy these Thai dishes an outstanding place to stay would be at a Hua Hin villa with a private pool the likes of Avani+ Hua Hin Resort. This fine resort offers quality accommodations and many convenient amenities that will contribute to a satisfying stay.


Phat Kaphrao

This delectable treat is a flavourful food that can often be found on the streets of Bangkok. A favourite food offered by street vendors, this tasty dish consists of meat fried with basil (known as kaphrao in the local language) using generous quantities of fresh garlic and chilli. Often this dish is served with rice and a freshly fried egg, making a typical Thai meal that any visitor will enjoy.